We all encounter problems in life, big ones and small ones. We can get engrossed in the difficulty of the problem and it seems as though we have no option but to turn the other way and run. Within every problem that we encounter, though, there is a lesson to be learnt which is especially apt to us individually. If we think of a map, the problems are like the turning points in the route to where we need to go. If we keep diverting the problem we end up walking in circles, ending up again and again at the same spot.

Within every problem there is a solution. All too often we are concerned only with the problem. To use physical ailments as an example, when an imbalance emerges in the body it is possible to accept it as something that we have to endure and allow it becomes a part of us, a part of our story. With this attitude we deny our agency in matters relating to health. Whatever the reason, whether it is fear of engaging with problem or lack of curiosity to explore it more deeply, we limit our growth and our potential. When we experience imbalance in the body we have a choice to find solutions.

The practice of Yoga provides bountiful solutions. In the Sharat Arora Yoga Method awareness of the work of the feet brings about alignment through the whole of the body. Through trust in the practice and perseverance slowly things begin to fall into their rightful place. Integrity is what is needed. Imagine a shoot emerging from its seed under the earth. It could immediately withdraw upon realising the surrounding darkness and stay in the comfort of the familiar never realising it’s true potential. We all know, however, that the shoot keeps searching for the light with unwavering conviction until it is free. We have a lot to learn from nature. To align the body and engage effectively with our problem first we must align ourselves mentally with the solutions available to us. Only then do we start on our steady path to freedom.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Nickolas Waters


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