Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora

Philosophy Paraphrased, Adapted and Edited 10 December 2013
Combined Introductory and Continuing Class, Day 5

People say they do not have enough time to meditate, but the truth is that anyone can meditate anytime, anywhere.

Focus is the first step on the path of meditation – the spiritual path. In Buddhist tradition, Samadhi means to be in one place. In Yoga, it means the state of awareness is in one place. When we look at something, naturally we begin to analyze it, and are thus in two places, causing disturbances in the mind and body. Therefore, in Yoga practice, we can be in only one place. When we focus, our awareness is in only one place, this is meditation.

Yoga means oneness, union, and through our practice, we bring about this union. When our awareness is in the feet alone, stretching the toes and pressing the centres of the heels, there is a connection from the tips of the toes all the way up to the top of the head. We use Tadasana to ground ourselves, to bring stability and to evoke a state of awareness, of oneness, with the body. As we continue to focus entirely on the feet, every cell of the entire body awakens. When there is total unity in the body, it manifests itself as peace. This is the magic of being in the feet. Let us discover this magic in our daily lives.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
Article derived from the 5-Day Course
at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre



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