Depending on the technique we apply in a pose, depending on what we are concentrating on, makes the effect of a pose completely different. So if our focus is not right, we can be very miserable. Same in life: if we focus on what is good, life is great because we don’t focus on what’s not right – it’s very important on what we focus. We can have dinner together with our friends but we are so busy with talking that we don’t even notice how delicious the food is. The food cannot be absorbed properly because it did not get appreciation and afterwards we even get stomach ache. But if we eat quietly, concentrating on the taste and chewing the food well, it can be absorbed. Same in life and in Yoga poses: we need to concentrate on the right thing and it will bring the right effects – that’s a law of nature. When we start to give full attention to everything we do, we learn how to apply and then things will change in our lives. An example: maybe we don’t like to wash the dishes – what’s the energy behind it? We HAVE to wash them, so we better bring our full awareness in the activity, enjoy it and do it with a positive energy. A Japanese scientist made an experiment: he filled samples with water. Water is very sensitive. He put some different energies to the water like hatred or love. Then he made different tests and found out that the water particles changed depending on what kind of energy they got. The same happens if we make this experiment with plants. Depending on the focus of our attention we can change physical matters. This is how powerful attention is: we change physical matters depending on how we look at them

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Yoga master teacher Sharat Arora
at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre


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