According to the „Hatha Yoga Pradipika”, the female energy in yoga is represented as Ida the lunar pole opposite of the male energy Pingala. Ida represents the emotional, nurturing, intuitive wholistic and introverted aspects of humanity, it is these lunar energies which keep the world in a more harmonious state. It is said that it is the female who is the transporter of energy and it is she who iniates a spiritual journey into higher consciousness. However this is not such the case in todays society, rather quite the opposite. Women and her beautiful energetic strengths are opressed, manipulated and humilated. What happened to the spiritual iniater described in these ancient yogic texts? A male dominated ego driven society.

Yogic practice can bring women back in touch with this feminine power which once upon a time shone so brightly. Through the practice of yoga women can attune to their natural energetic rythym which has been opressed through centuries of manipulation and dillusion. A woman is faced with many challenges and obstacles through her course of life physical and emotional such as the challenges faced by a patriarchal society, menstruation, child birth, menopause and mental health. All of which can be aided through yoga therepy and a consistent yoga practice. Yoga therapy can be an effective practice in both preventing, improving and even eradicating some of these obstacles.

In yoga therapy there are specific asanas which can help balance the female hormone system resulting in greater physical and mental health creating a greater awareness of the women’s natural patterns. Those of which are in constant change with the rhythm of the universe. Yoga therapy offers a set of asanas which can be practiced when menstruating or not, adapted to the female moon cycle, further increasing her connection and awareness of her ever constant changing body. Such a practice can help guide a woman through menstruation, menopause and preperation for childbirth, all of which positively effects the health increasing her vital life force and ultimately creating a more harmonious state of being.

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach not only increasing physical health, however a practical tool for many of life’s obstacles and social stresses faced by women. It is a meditative tool which can be used at all times taking the practicioner further to happiness, health and vitality. Yoga therapy offers an opportunity through meditative practices for the woman to raise her feminine enegy awakening opressed states of consciousness, furthermore a tool which also alleviates unhealthy states of minds such as depression. A state which unfortunately many women in todays society are effected by. A mindful practice offered through yoga therepy brings a heightened sense of awareness of what is happening in that moment disolving distorted views of reality, both internal and external influences effecting one’s mental clarity. Thus purifying ones body/mind, awakening and strenghtening the feminine energy within.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Sade Amina Nadour


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