The content of our thoughts not only effect the way in which we relate to ourselves, however also those around us. In society, especially the west we spend far too much time, money and energy on looking after the physical body opposed to wellbeing of our mental health. A positive mental attitude and a mind of less distructive emotions can be an answer to a more peaceful society with less suffering . Our thoughts and emotions are in constant fluctuations as so is the entire universe. A healthy mental attitude not only gives fruit to a happier life of less suffering however leads us on the path to a more compassionate way of being, to ourself and the world at large.

Through the practice of yoga the mind can be disciplined disolving distructive emotions creating space for a more compassionate state of mind. If one can develop a healthier mental attitude and compassion within, ultimately mental health is improved. Yoga classes offer this opportunity through philosophy , asana , pranayama and meditation. These techniques found in a yoga class offer life tools to face lifes daily obstacles both small or large. These techniques offered in yoga classes can help dissolve disruptive emotions and negative thought patterns, a breeding ground for mental states such as depression and anxiety. With a mind of less negative states compassion to oneself and others is ultimately increased bringing more harmony to life. This freedom can be achieved through the techniques shared and practiced in yoga class, freedom from disruptive thoughts gives birth to positive mental attitude.

Patanjali suggests there are five different types modes of suffering (kleshas) these are; ignorance, egoism, desire, aversion and fear. It is out of these five different modes of suffering that troublesome mind waves or disruptive emotions arise. These troublesome mind waves only create more subconcious imprints (samskaras) which we try to release in yoga class. In yoga class we can learn how to quite and calm the fluctuating mind through techniques such as one pointed meditation. It is these troublesome mind waves which Pantanjali talks about which lead to a false sense of reality and a distorted view of the self , society and the world. In a yoga class Patanjali’s instructions can be followed on how to change negative mental states in oreder to overcome distorted views of reality and the positive mental attitude can be obtained leading the practioner to happiness.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Sade Amina Nadour



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