When one lives in a city it is very important to be fully present in oneself at all times. Otherwise one gets blown away like a straw in the wind, thrown here and there, yet nothing comes out of it. Japanese people are quite famous for this, going on a trip to see a whole country in a week. Think about it, how much can they really explore by constantly moving from one place to another. Within us there is an infinite power but one needs to be well grounded, rooted like a tree for any growth to take place.

When you practise yoga it is crucial to be intelligent about it and understand the whole practice. There has to be an awareness about why we do certain things in a certain way. Also one needs to recognise its own needs instead of just copying others.

A practice should be done on a regular basis and best at a fixed time. Do not divert from it but be strong in your discipline and allow for it to evolve. When the sun starts to rise it doesn’t yet have the power to vanish the morning fog, but as it gains power with every minute, the rays of heat fade the fog away. It is the same with your practice, it gets stronger if you do carry on. Do not pause with it because you may forget to turn it on again. If you go to other teachers, don’t let them confuse you, rather let them help you. Yoga practice is about balance, as when one is balanced, one has the space for divinity. So carry your flame and never let it die.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Yoga master teacher Sharat Arora
Article derived from the Intensive Yoga Course at the
Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in Arambol, North Goa, 2003

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Master Teacher Sharat Arora was born in 1953 and discovered yoga in 1978. He went through intensive, full-time training for seven years with Guruji BKS Iyengar at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune and assisted Iyengar on all levels of Asana classes. However, more significant in his development as a practitioner and teacher was his involvement in the daily therapy sessions, serving countless patients. His fusion of this experience, with his extensive study of medicine, greatly influenced his continually-evolving Yoga technique and sharpened his unique Yoga therapy skills.


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