Yoga Teachers Training has been the talk of the town in the present times and similar to the fate of other courses this has also been misunderstood by the people probably due to the pattern in which it is being taught and the way it is being utilised as a commercial tool for money oriented goals. The teachers training course at Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre (HIYC) is designed to challenge these general ill conceptions about Yoga training.

Unlike the 200 hours and 400 hours program for Yoga, here at Himalayan Yoga Centre we profess intensive training programs divided in various levels. These levels are designed rigorously by our master teacher Sharat Arora in order to bestow the best training for Yoga. The training constitutes of three levels which emphasise on focused grooming of individual – the preceding Intensive Course, the Teachers Training Course and the extended Assisting/Hands-On period at the Yoga Centre. The primary part of the TTC incorporates the 3 weeks of the Intensive Yoga Course concentrating on a particular subject, setting up the students for a profound investigation in their Yoga Practice. This time is devoted for the serious every day Practice of Asanas, Meditation, Relaxations and Pranayama – from ahead of schedule morning until dusk. This time is an aggregate retreat where the students dedicate themselves totally to self-investigation, change and reconstruction, leaving next to no or no time for other activities. This stage is considered to be very essential for the students as without these 3 weeks of intensive training students are not enrolled to the next level.

It is taken after then by the 3 weeks of the pedagogical preparing during which the students concentrate on all the distinctive parts of Teaching Yoga to others. It is intended for spurred professionals who wish to make the profound way of Yoga their lifestyle and might want to impart it to others controlling them on that way.

During the Teachers Training pedagogical part of the Course, students are required to set themselves up by the Self Yoga Practice of inverted positions and Pranayama in the early mornings, so that during the late morning sessions they can concentrate completely and investigate top to bottom every part of Asanas uncovered in extraordinary point of interest by an expert instructor. It is additionally during these late morning sessions that we figure out how to analyze body and mind issues by distinguishing irregular characteristics and misalignments and how to help them. Students are taught the sequence of important asanas, the mistakes in the postures which are identified and corrected. Along with these presentation of self is imparted to the students which includes all the aspects of body language, appropriate use of voice and the art of creating a positive atmosphere and waking up trust and respect in students.

After these 2 first parts of the Intensive Course and the Pedagocical Part of the Teachers Training Course, the program follows with the months long, and preferable 2-3 year long training period under the supervision of our master and/or his most experienced teachers. This time gives the necessary understanding of the various body cases of the students and how to apply therapeutics.

Yoga Teachers Training at Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre contains the set of following modules none of these could be compromised during the training-

  • Training and Practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation Techniques,
    Study of human Anatomy and Physiology, in both its aspects – static as well as in movement,
  • Body reading, in both its aspects – static as well as in movement,
  • Learning and Practicing Corrections on Physical, Mental and Energetic levels,
  • Yoga Therapeutics and the application of Yoga Practice for different kinds of body and mind ailments and problems,
  • Yoga Philosophy including the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,
  • Yoga Ethics including the moral aspects and responsibilities of being a Yoga Teacher and Healer,
  • Self Practice and Exploration of Yoga, Meditation and Healing as a Yoga Teacher and Healer,

At Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre TTC for Yoga is taken very seriously and is not carried out of the objective to earn profits and money it is done for the sake of doing justice to the profession and the art which is divine, and so, its preachers cannot be visualised as materialistic souls dedicating their learning to money and luxury… They have to be moulded with great care and authentic knowledge.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Shreyashi Tiwari


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