Awareness Is The Healer

Wherever your body is unaware there is darkness there, ignorance. That part has to be brought to light. Awareness heals everything because when we become aware and conscious of our problem it’s then that we start to deal with it. Therefore, as soon as we become conscious automatically the body has a mechanism and it starts to move. It is the same as nature. If I leave nature alone it has the power to heal itself. This is the amazing power of nature. And we are of that nature. We just have to become aware and the body starts to heal itself. This is why the practice of yoga is the best healer, the subtlest healer. If you are sick and you always need a doctor what is the use? Grow awareness in yourself and the nature of your body automatically heals.

If you become aware and become negative there is no healing possible. If the teacher tell you there is something wrong with your hip and you start to dislike your hip, no healing is possible. Wherever you focus, there energy flows. If I focus in a negative way, then I am sending negative energy to that place. Please let me inform you that it’s exactly the same thing in life. If I have the wrong focus in life I can never find freedom, happiness and peace. If I have the wrong focus I will never be happy. And the whole philosophy of yoga is based on what and how you should focus. That’s why we have to learn to see and to accept what we see. Only when we accept will healing be possible. That must be understood. Be positive. Never focus negatively on your problem, this only amplifies it. If there is a problem, be aware, stay relaxed and healing will take place.

Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
Article derived from Introductory 5 Day Yoga Course in Beijing, Day 3, June 2016.

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