Articles derived from yogacharya Sharat Arora (Anand Sagar) Teachings

Part 1: The Magic of the Feet (Awareness)

Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
Philosophy Paraphrased, Adapted and Edited 10 December 2013
Combined Introductory and Continuing Class, Day 5

People say they do not have enough time to meditate, but the truth is that anyone can meditate anytime, anywhere.
Focus is the first step on the path of meditation - the spiritual path. In Buddhist tradition, Samadhi means to be in one place.  In Yoga, it means the state of awareness is in one place.  When we look at something, naturally we begin to analyze it, and are thus in two places, causing disturbances in the mind and body. Therefore, in Yoga practice, we can be in only one place. When we focus, our awareness is in only one place, this is meditation.

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HIYC - Meta Awareness & Attention - Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora


Depending on the technique we apply in a pose, depending on what we are concentrating on, makes the effect of a pose completely different. So if our focus is not right, we can be very miserable. Same in life: if we focus on what is good, life is great because we don’t focus on what’s not right – it’s very important on what we focus. We can have dinner together with our friends but we are so busy with talking that we don’t even notice how delicious the food is. The food cannot be absorbed properly because it did not get appreciation and afterwards we even get stomach ache. But if we eat quietly, concentrating on the taste and chewing the food well, it can be absorbed. Same in life and in Yoga poses: we need to concentrate on the right thing and it will bring the right effects – that’s a law of nature. When we start to give full attention to everything we do, we learn how to apply and then things will change in our lives. An example: maybe we don’t like to wash the dishes – what’s the energy behind it? We HAVE to wash them, so we better bring our full awareness in the activity, enjoy it and do it with a positive energy. A Japanese scientist made an experiment: he filled samples with water. Water is very sensitive. He put some different energies to the water like hatred or love. Then he made different tests and found out that the water particles changed depending on what kind of energy they got. The same happens if we make this experiment with plants. Depending on the focus of our attention we can change physical matters. This is how powerful attention is: we change physical matters depending on how we look at them.

Yoga master teacher Sharat Arora
at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

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HIYC - Meta Practice - Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora


When we do a practice like we do in our Iyengar Yoga centres, we gain understanding, so we increase our awareness about ourselves and about the world. We go inside and the mind slowly stops its hyper-activity and becomes quiet. From being silent we become peaceful – which is the very purpose of a human being. When there is peace in the body, there is peace in the mind. And from this peace shines a light which is love. In this very moment we automatically share our peacefulness, love and kindness with other beings. But we can also consciously spread it to the people who are with us, to our family, friends, and neighbours, to the people in our country and in the whole world. We can let it go to all who are still suffering, who are still in darkness. Actually we can share our peacefulness and love with all beings and the nature, with the whole universe. We are not the source of this – it just comes to us and it goes out again into the universe. By doing Yoga we can boost this qualities and they will go everywhere. When we sing OM together we can even spread the waves with the sound. Go on the path of light and be happy. And your happiness may become infectious and spreads.

Yoga master teacher Sharat Arora
at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

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"Everything that we are doing is about bringing awareness," Sharat Arora

Our job is to be aware without judgment. Whether I am able or not able to be on the centre of the heel is simple. Knowing what to do is important and it has nothing to do with judgment. I know this is right or this is wrong, but the mind is constantly deciding between like and dislike.

The one who is judging the other part of myself is causing conflict within. This conflict takes us away from freedom so in the end we have to resolve it. Don't allow it to come to fruition and become a reality, keep observing without any reaction. We already have enough conflict so don’t make anymore. When we start to do yoga practice we begin to think that this should be right, and this should be done. Rather let it grow slowly and organically. When you make a judgment of it you only make it worst.

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Pranayama Part 8 The Way to Understand Ourselves


The basics of the Pranayama is to understand the true nature of the inhalations and the exhalations. For that we use a method of watching it. As the breath comes through, some areas don’t allow the breath to come in. They are our tensions, these areas are closed. Slowly, slowly, as you exhale and you are relaxed, you start to understand the keys to get in there. When you start to understand getting in there and opening it, your breath is becoming also open and the parts which were obstructed – restored in balance, harmony.

What have you done by bringing balance and harmony? All the old stuff, which is sitting there in the form of conditioning, is slowly being washed out. Its content is in the same way as imprint. Those imprints are left in the body, of all the things that has marked us, all the things that we run after constantly. Pranayama is a way of getting inside it on the deeper level. By doing Pranayama we are understanding energies, this physical form of the mind. Then we understand the energetic body. And that brings us to our intelligent body.

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