With weak aura you are like food. With strong aura nothing can affect you. It refers to the smallest forms of life like bacteria, that in fact is very simple life form that only think of food. Where it sees food there it goes.

The question to ask – are we susceptible to be eaten by different forms of manifested life forms, energy forms, thought forms, and other beings? Are we feeling affected by the things that are around us, by the environment, by the media, by our family and friends.

We can admit that things and life forms have certain properties. All can hook on other things. But only if there is a hook…

In Indian philosophy such hook is karma…

We cannot avoid karma as long as we are in the network of karma laws.

How do we step out of our karma? Surrender to God is the shortest way. There is no “you”, no personality, individuality, ego or self-centredness – and therefore there is no karma.

In that state we are free from any bondage, ideas, conditioning. We just allow the Nature to perform its laws through us without resistance and therefore with no harm to us. Our health is radiant, consciousness receives the highest frequencies of the Universe. Only Goodness and Love is penetrating us and manifested through us therefore. We only age & get sick as long as we resist the laws, trying to fight them. Once we let go, staying equanimously within, observing the life events unfold without being shaken out of our unmovable godly core, the life becomes pleasant, easy and light.

This is beyond religions, this is the application of the original religions message, the wisdom on the deepest level, beyond repetitive and automatic rituals and prayers. It is on the level of the heart and not the mind. There is no explanation in words. It can be just experienced by the individual who happens to be ready to take that brave step of letting go, of complete surrender – where he/she as individuality, personality with its wanting and not wanting - is not anymore.

This is what scares the people the most. Idea of “dying”, of not being ourselves anymore. We have moments in our lives that press us to our limits and it can result as freeing factor. It would either be stress or suffering but because of allowing to let go, to surrender, it turned into the most precious gift of the energy that provided that push, that transformative force aligning our energy to the higher level.

In your life every time when you are being challenged you can reflect why it shakes you. It is our own holding on to things, our attachment to the state of affairs, who we are, what we believe in. Try to “be nothing” – have no views, no thoughts, no interpretation – and you will experience that in fact what is happening does not really affect you deep inside. When you take such steps – and you experience peace even in the biggest turmoil – you can be sure that you are coming closer to God. Surrendering to the deeper meaning of life, the higher need to serve others – letting go of selfishness (with all the cravings and aversions) is the surrendering to God, to Universal Consciousness, to the Higher Plan of Life.

The wisdom of surrender to allow things unfold, events to happen, of remaining equanimous, peaceful and silent within – it all takes you closer to unity with everything that exists. And from that space unconditional love and joy sprout. Unlimited resource of the highest form of energy opens. God, the Creation – are finally allowed to manifest through you in their fullest glory, beauty, grace.

Let there be light, awareness for all that exists, let there be freedom from all bondages so that the Love can manifest itself and bring us happiness and peace.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Beata Katarzyna (Shivani)
11 March 2018 Arambol, North Goa