Viparita Dandasana


As we can see on the two pictures the contact with the edge of the support is beetween the 8th and the 9th thoracic vertebrae. This support has an important action on the 9th ribs (left and right). The ribs are higher in the back than in the front, because of their orientation.

The edge’s pressure will create different movements in the bones :

  • The sternum is moving front
  • The 9th ribs are moving front and outward for the front part (red arrow) and front for the back part (blue arrow)
  • T8 and T9 are doing an extension.
  • All the ribs are moving creating an opening of the thorax.


The movement of the ribs and the sternum are pulling the diaphragm muscle giving it an important strech. Diaphragm muscle is known to be the muscle of emotion, by its connection to the solar plexus. It’s the wall beetween thorax and abdomen. It is also responsable for the breath with more than 40.000 movements a day !

This pose is also giving strech to the internal organs



The diaphragm is an important cross for all the fluids in transit beetween thorax and abdomen.
There is 3 mains Holes :

  • Aorte, is carring the blood full of oxygen from the heart to all the abdomen organs.
  • Inferior vena cava, is carring the blood full of carbon dioxide from all the organs to the
    heart and the lungs.
  • Esophagus, is carring the food from the mouth to the stomach.

Vena cava, aorta



Variation of 2 inter costal openings

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