Holistic Healing Through Sound and Awareness

Aum is the first sound. They say the sound came from God. And all was created from his word.

Sound can transform matter…

It can travel through space and time too…

Sound is like magic that people of the modern world are still able to perceive…

There is something in the sound that fascinates all of us…

You listen to the nature and everything changes…

Music that comes from God – like Indian classical music, with its ragas, human vocal, majestic veena instruments and subtle drums… – can manipulate the mood of those who listen to it. It is a very refined art that people still wholesomely are not really able to grasp.

Raag Bhimpalasi is devotional and to be performed late afternoon. Gaud-Sarang is a sunshiny, lively early-afternoon raga. Bhairavi is sweet and gentle often sung at the end of a long performance as a way of winding down.

Rasa or emotion is associated with a raga — a raga like Puriya is meditative, while the same set of notes with different emphasis in Raga Marwa create a restless energy.

Ragas can evoke the nine rasas or emotions— the predominant ones being love (shringara), peace (shanti), detachment and melancholic solitude (vairagya). Ragas like Des and Pilu are considered romantic, Bhupali brings peace and Shri is a raga of vairagya.

The chanting of the AUM sound has a transcendental spiritual effect on our consciousness. When we become one with its vibration, the state of our mind changes, in fact the mind surrenders and we are able to perceive what is beyond it.
The different parts of the sound Aum represent- 'a': Beginning (Brahma), 'u' Middle (Vishnu) and 'm' End (Shiva). Brahma is the Creator, Vishnu is the one who maintains and the Shiva who exterminates. In Buddhist teachings we understand that everything is impermanent. Everything arises and passes away. There is moment of creation, then there is love force to maintain it and then there is elimination or destruction of the manifested entity.

Surrendering to the sound in tantric traditions enabled the person to go into trance state and let go of the mind more easily. The more detachment from thoughts the more alignment in different sheaths of the body, and the more clarity of perception of the reality as it is. The more letting go on the surface level of our being, the more sinking inside to our unmovable core being takes place. In that process of withdrawing from the outer world within, we start to become more intuitive and clairvoyant. That silence and stillness deep inside ourselves, takes us to the subtlest particles of our body. And deep within ourselves, on the level of the molecules, atoms – we are one with all. Everything is made of the same material, same elements, and on that tiniest level it is all uniform. The law of nature applies to all – because these particles of which we are made are the very law. These particles are God, the Universal Consciousness, the material from which we are made of.

In the trance state of being, without the thoughts, concepts, ideas, knowledge and all the analysing, the vibration of sound is allowed to penetrate to the deepest core and take us to the level of the Universal Consciousness.

In Yoga we can use our pure awareness even without the sound, or any practices that take us to that silence. In the same way as we use the sound as our tool, we can also use awareness alone. Once we surrender, stop fighting with the flow of life, let go of controlling, rejecting, we allow the awareness to penetrate deeper and deeper. Awareness can reach the uniformity level in our body, it can reach the level where we recognize that we are God, because God is all the matter that there is. We need to reconnect to the subtlest level and we become one with all.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Beata Katarzyna (Shivani)
11 March 2018

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