Aura and the Harmony in our Body

When your aura is weak, the air born bacteria can enter your system. When you strengthen your aura (by relaxing the body and expanding your awareness) nothing negative can enter your system. It’s like a ball of light encompassing you. Aura has many colours (respectively extruded from your body). Green aura is from the liver support, blue aura from the kidneys, red one from the heart etc. If you let negative emotions weaken any organ it automatically reflects in your aura.

People have different colours predominant in their auras. It is due to their work or life style, belief system, conditioning. How they use the body, what they think. Scientists tend to have blue aura. Healers who are ascended masters will have golden aura. Funnily enough the doctors nowadays have blue aura and not even yellow (which would be closer to the saint healers, angels, holy guides).

Through the yoga practice we are able to stimulate heat as well as encourage coolness. Excess heat in the head as well as in the heart is dangerous. This excess heat should be stored in the lower abdomen. On this example from the holistic healing system we see that we can heal the body simply by harmonising the temperatures in our body in different parts. Regulating the temperatures of the respective organs will show healthy reflection of these organs on the aura.

In our digestive tract we need enough heat to digest & produce movement (to prevent undigested food, to prevent stagnation in the intestines and therefore prevent toxicity in the body which would create acidity and as a result tensions). In other parts we want to create coolness (brain when not having excess heat can be calmer, can go down to the more spiritual brain waves (theta, gamma etc). In those waves people experience states of higher consciousness, meditation (or any names as people give, nirvana, samadhi – the state of complete immersion). State of health, state of consciousness is visible in the aura.

Chakras in tantric yoga systems are always represented by a colour, organ, emotion, sphere of life, aspect of life. They are directly mirroring the aura. How much a person is healed and/or open in specific chakra we will notice on the aura colour & intensity.

Nowadays the aura can be seen thanks to scientific instruments. But there are people who can also see it with the naked eye. Saints, holy beings, masters, rishis, God angels – have tremendously expanded auras of the brightest colours – that the normal people perceive as a very intense light almost unbearable to the eyes due to its brightness and strength.

The more love and compassion flows through a being the broader and the brighter the aura will be. Some people are not even on any spiritual path and yet everyone feels so good around them. Their aura is very expanded, bright & strong. With these people there is peace, sense of meaningfulness of life, increased awareness.
The fastest path for the spiritual enlightenment is complete surrender to the Nature, to God, to the Universe, to the Life, to Tao, to the Source, to the Un-manifested Potential - we can name it in different ways from different religions and believes… It is like merging with the energetic field of the Higher Aspect of Energy – merging with the Aura of Existence.

For those who still hold their attachment to the physical plane, to the material objects, to the personality, to the knowledge, to all that one has gained and holds so dear… the path of regular, daily practice is a solution to releasing the bondages and continue going towards freedom… and therefore expanding the aura slowly, till it finally merges with all that exists.

The different groups of asanas will address different chakras (and therefore different organs) and will clean the respective layers of the aura from dark patches, fill up the tears & holes in it, relax it so it expands. Standing poses being of the earth element will support the base chakra, twists being of water will clean emotional body, forward bends will harmonise the fire, backbends with its air quality will ensure enough movement in the body, inversions and relaxations of the either element will increase space in the body and will ensure progress on the level of consciousness.

The aura is the visible aspect of the energy of our body. It gives us feedback of the state of our being. The form follows the energy. First there is energy potential – from that everything is manifested. Treating the body ailments from the source – from the energy level – is the supreme way of healing. Addressing the cause, looking at the very root of the problem. As soon as the first steps are taken to heal the aura by increasing the awareness through Yoga Practice, the person feels empowered and gains confidence in self-healing and self-development.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Beata Katarzyna (Shivani)
11 March 2018, Arambol, North Goa

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