"What is Yoga"

When we truly face the reality of our life, we realise that our life is not optimal – it is not even close to the best life we could have. Our potential is not being fulfilled. On the contrary when we bring awareness to our life, we come to acknowledge that most of our experiences are full of discomfort. We are shooting blindly in the dark in search of the best option, always seeking for something better. This does not mean we are all miserable in our lives. It simply implies that for some reason, something is holding us back. In today’s world, we are faced with the overwhelming problem that we do not understand our true identity. We are struggling to define ourselves according to the way society sees us, our actions, and our beliefs. It is a common experience during this age to be unhappy, unfulfilled and confused. We constantly try to seek a solution to these problems by searching for a better job, a better house, by waiting in line at the psychology clinic. This is where yoga enters into the picture. Yoga is not some physical exercise. It is an ancient way of life from India that has existed for thousands of years, designed to free us from obstacles and liberate us from fears. Yoga brings us to balance and harmony, giving us the ability to enjoy life, fulfil our potential and find our true identity.

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03 August 2016
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