Prostate Health & Yoga

Over a third of men over the age of 50 will experience some issues relating to the health of the prostate, statistics from the National Health Service in the UK, and yet it is a part of the anatomy most men are very unfamiliar with.

What is the prostate? The prostate is a small gland found only in men. It surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the body). It sits just below the bladder and the opening of the vas deferens (tube that carries sperm up from the testicles to the urethra).

What issues does it face and why? The prostate can become enlarged, a common occurrence in men over 50, and can put pressure on the urethra and effect the ability to urinate. It can become inflamed and sometime infected by bacteria. This is most common in men between 30 and 50. It is also susceptible to cancer. There is evidence to show that chronic tension caused by stress directly impacts the health of the prostate. Stress weakens the ability for the body to fight infection and lowers levels of minerals such as zinc, which causes enlargement of the prostate.

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What Does it Mean to Surrender to God

With weak aura you are like food. With strong aura nothing can affect you. It refers to the smallest forms of life like bacteria, that in fact is very simple life form that only think of food. Where it sees food there it goes.

The question to ask – are we susceptible to be eaten by different forms of manifested life forms, energy forms, thought forms, and other beings? Are we feeling affected by the things that are around us, by the environment, by the media, by our family and friends.

We can admit that things and life forms have certain properties. All can hook on other things. But only if there is a hook…

In Indian philosophy such hook is karma…

We cannot avoid karma as long as we are in the network of karma laws.

How do we step out of our karma? Surrender to God is the shortest way. There is no “you”, no personality, individuality, ego or self-centredness – and therefore there is no karma.

In that state we are free from any bondage, ideas, conditioning. We just allow the Nature to perform its laws through us without resistance and therefore with no harm to us. Our health is radiant, consciousness receives the highest frequencies of the Universe. Only Goodness and Love is penetrating us and manifested through us therefore. We only age & get sick as long as we resist the laws, trying to fight them. Once we let go, staying equanimously within, observing the life events unfold without being shaken out of our unmovable godly core, the life becomes pleasant, easy and light.

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Holistic Healing Through Sound and Awareness

Aum is the first sound. They say the sound came from God. And all was created from his word.

Sound can transform matter…

It can travel through space and time too…

Sound is like magic that people of the modern world are still able to perceive…

There is something in the sound that fascinates all of us…

You listen to the nature and everything changes…

Music that comes from God – like Indian classical music, with its ragas, human vocal, majestic veena instruments and subtle drums… – can manipulate the mood of those who listen to it. It is a very refined art that people still wholesomely are not really able to grasp.

Raag Bhimpalasi is devotional and to be performed late afternoon. Gaud-Sarang is a sunshiny, lively early-afternoon raga. Bhairavi is sweet and gentle often sung at the end of a long performance as a way of winding down.

Rasa or emotion is associated with a raga — a raga like Puriya is meditative, while the same set of notes with different emphasis in Raga Marwa create a restless energy.

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Aura and the Harmony in our Body

When your aura is weak, the air born bacteria can enter your system. When you strengthen your aura (by relaxing the body and expanding your awareness) nothing negative can enter your system. It’s like a ball of light encompassing you. Aura has many colours (respectively extruded from your body). Green aura is from the liver support, blue aura from the kidneys, red one from the heart etc. If you let negative emotions weaken any organ it automatically reflects in your aura.

People have different colours predominant in their auras. It is due to their work or life style, belief system, conditioning. How they use the body, what they think. Scientists tend to have blue aura. Healers who are ascended masters will have golden aura. Funnily enough the doctors nowadays have blue aura and not even yellow (which would be closer to the saint healers, angels, holy guides).

Through the yoga practice we are able to stimulate heat as well as encourage coolness. Excess heat in the head as well as in the heart is dangerous. This excess heat should be stored in the lower abdomen. On this example from the holistic healing system we see that we can heal the body simply by harmonising the temperatures in our body in different parts. Regulating the temperatures of the respective organs will show healthy reflection of these organs on the aura.

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Understanding Nature to Understand Myself through Yoga & Permaculture

I am living evidence of my connection to Nature. When I walk out into the cold and look down to my bare arms I see the hairs on my skin standing up. In the heat of summer my skin begins to sweat. There is a direct connection between my physical body and the external world. Spending time connecting with Nature I realise how many patterns we share. The pores of my skin interlock like the scales of a pinecone; the bronchiole of my lungs branch out like tree branches; when I stretch my toes forward and press my heels down my trunk rises up, just as the trunk of a tree rises up from its roots.

As a specie we are rapidly losing out connection with Nature and our sensitivity to its inherent intelligence. I may feel this as I begin exploring the work of my feet in my practice of the Standing Poses: toes may be numb or frozen from years of blocking their connection to the Earth by encasing them in shoes. When I am out of touch I lose sensitivity and understanding.

Permaculture observes principles found in nature to guide us to rebuild this understanding. I can use these principles to reflect on my practice of Yoga and recognise its potential to connect me to the Natural world...

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