YOGA- Retreat to Reality

A major portion of the world population visits doctors under stress. Enormous workload and unmatchable peer pressure has forced individuals to work putting their physical and mental health on stake. Work and profession has become new religion after the world witnessed the growth of industries. With the ongoing rise in the psychological and mental issues like depression and OCDs, there is an urgent need for people to realise before they fall prey to such diseases.
Before the medical diagnosing an individual may assess him/her if they exhibit the below mentioned traits:

  • You are feeling both wired and tired. There is a constant, simmering anxiety that you can’t shake. This results in feeling exhausted and unable to relax. You can’t seem to get out of fight or flight syndrome. You regularly feel like you are running out of time because your brain is in hyper mode and life feels sped up.
  • Insomnia is taking over. You’re having trouble sleeping, either getting to sleep or staying asleep. You wake up tired and have been living as if fatigue is the new normal.
  • You are feeling indecisive about even the smallest decisions.
  • You are over-reacting, or your responses are not in proportion to the situation. You are more easily triggered and can’t control it any more.
  • You are distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for very long.
  • You wake up feeling stressed. You’ve lost the ability to choose smart stress where you control the intensity and duration.
  • You can’t remember the last time you felt totally relaxed. The application of Rest and Digest is a faint memory.
  • You want to quit everything but feel paralyzed to change even one thing.
  • You keep using phrases like “I’m too busy” and/or “I’m running out of time.”

You have a bunch of unused vacation being stockpiled at work.

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Yoga and Music

When you listen to music, much more is happening in your body than simply auditory functioning. Music stimulates the nucleus accumbens in your brain, a part of brain that releases the feel good chemical dopamine.  

Music origin can be traced back to Vedic period. Vedic religion was based on performing sacrifices in order to propitiate the gods. Music formed an important part of the rituals, in fact, singing, instrumental music and dance were described as divine in Vedic literature; it was believed that they propitiated deities. But these historical evidences should not limit music to be simply a religious tool.

Music draws a significant coherence with Yoga. An analogy can be drawn between the two practices by taking a due consideration of the benefits they offer to human race. Both these practices have evolved as a therapy to counter the effects of the burdening lifestyle.

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Is Yoga a Religion?

Practitioners of Yoga may be very clear about Yoga not conflicting with any religion. However, there are many thousands of denominations and sects within many diverse religions. Some of these groups have religious beliefs that might seem very different to ones own. And so the beliefs arising from these sects give a discourse as to which religion owns YOGA, but can this discourse be accepted and can Yoga be accredited or attributed to any particular religion.

Although the origin of Yoga can be traced back to the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago and the word YOGA, was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda, yet it traversed the boundaries of civilizations adapting to various cultures and practices. From here it may occur that YOGA belongs to Hinduism or Buddhism, but it is rightly said- “Yoga may be in Religions, but Religion is not in Yoga”. This can be explained as; “The many Yoga practices with body, breath and mind, along with their transcendent goal of direct experience, are generally neither characteristic of Religions, nor typically practiced by the adherents of Religions.”

Another outlook on the subject may be centered around the HAVE’s & HAVE NOT’s of religion and Yoga i.e. what religion has and Yoga lacks.

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Yoga In Our Daily Life

The human body is a machine. This machine does a considerable measure of work in a regular life. Man-made machines are normally controlled by a vital source which can be mechanical, magnetical, electrical, petroleum, synthetic, and so forth. Like all the man-made machines, our human body likewise require a vital source to work legitimately. Every one of the energies our body is getting from the sustenance stuffs which we have in our day by day life. Works out, tasty nourishments, water, air and so on additionally assume a critical part in our life. Aside from this, to make all the body parts, solid and immaculate, there is likewise another way called "YOGA."

With such materialistic modernized life we often tend to forget and cherish the most valuable thing in our lives our own ‘body’. Yoga offers a resolution to overcome the stresses of daily life in this fast paced world. From weight reduction, adaptable body, shining delightful skin, tranquil personality, greater wellbeing – whatever you may be searching for, yoga has it on off.

Yoga is often misunderstood as being limited to Asanas (postures), but actually it proffers a lot more than this. The regular practitioners of yoga consider it an irreplaceable activity of their day-to-day schedule. For some Yoga is the personal fitness mantra, for some it is a weight loss formula. It keeps the mind peaceful and placid. Professionals who are consistently performing Yoga consider it to be a creativity machine and a tool for better communication. For an individual with a long and hectic working program, it is the preeminent tool to attain peace with oneself not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

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Is 200 hours TTC enough to be a professional Yoga Teacher?

The phrase must appear to be familiar to some of the readers and for those who still happen to be uninformed about the course it would be enlightening to understand the Yoga becoming a business tool. There has also been an attempt to compromise the actual knowledge with the certified knowledge. A certified teacher with a few hours of training has become a normal site. But what followers and practitioners seeking a renowned School of Yoga fail to understand is that Yoga learning cannot be restricted to syllabi of few hours. The most recognized, eminent and distinguished Guru’s had been a practitioner for years and then started teaching based on their experiences.

There has been a significant rise in the institutes running Yoga Teacher’s Training Course and so has been in the number of programmes and courses being run by the. For e.g. 200 hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Course is a part of several institutes curriculum. The components of the course have been enlisted below:

» Asana: Yogic postures comprise four hours of the daily schedule. You will be introduced to the various asanas in a systematic manner with progressively increasing level of difficulty. Once the basics are mastered, asana flows, adjustments and subtle aspects of breath & awareness will be brought into focus.

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