Attention-Deficit-Disorder (ADD) and Dietary Cure

In last five years, the number of cases of ADD or hyperactivity medications has doubled. ADD is  a central nervous system disorder. According to Ayurveda it’s the imbalance of the VATA (Air) in the body. As the Vata holds characteristics of being light, mobile and dry, it dominates our thought process and movement of our body. The resulting brain chemistry imbalance affects thinking, mood and activity. Learning and behaviour problems occur like lack of concentration, mood swings, sleep disturbances, anxiety, low stress tolerance and aggressive behaviour. Thus, eliminating the causing or contributing factors to this problem is very important.

To counteract the toxic affect, being produced during the over stimulation of CNS, it’s better to adopt a safe and natural side to cure. For this purpose instead of switching onto ADHD drugs to release good neurotransmitters in the nervous system, why not practicing yoga and meditation for balancing the vitiated Vata, which is the root cause of the disorder? The practice of yoga and meditation is beyond compare. The results are always stupendous when we stick to natural things. This is achieved by both the ways, that’s along with the yoga and meditation practices, healthy diet instructions are also needed to cope up well with the health problems.

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The Magical Word “OM”

The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre takes delight to come up with something spurring for everybody which can be considered worth implicating in our lives and enable us to envision a much refined “us” and “our tomorrow”.

We all must have heard and read about the word “OM”, somewhere at any point of our lives we must have also heard about its alliance with spirituality. However, many of us might have not been aware of the magical permanence that lies within the folds of such a short word. In various religions, om is practised as a mantra like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism. The vibration produced during the om chanting is believed to be a sacred sound. A sound that can be a mind healer. A remedy for a broken spirit. How amazing that could be!

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How Well Do You Know Your Fire ??

Fire is a potent and supreme element which governs our body as well as mind. Many of us may not know about the connotation between the fire and our life. But have we ever thought, how our digestive system functions? How we get into the grip of agitation, anxiety, pain or burning sensation sometimes? That’s just because of fire known as “Tejas“ in Sanskrit and simply “Agni” in Ayurveda.

Concept of Fire in Ancient Ayurveda:

According to Ayurveda, there are 5 types of fire in our body. Namely: 1) Paachak agni which is the fire helping  the process of digestion, 2) Saadhak agni, governing the intellect, ideas and allowing for understanding, 3) Alochak agni is the fire that helps in perceiving and visualising the images and related to eyes, 4) Ranjak agni rejuvenates the body and gives the body its colour by ignition, and 5) Bhraajak agni, the fire that digests the sunlight and proffers the body with radiance and healthy skin. All these fires work together to nourish the body, pertaining to respective allocations .That’s why we generally come across hearing doctors, that the digestive fire happens to be weak in case of indigestion. For this reason we tend to take those foods which are associated with the high fiery properties (known as Pitta in nature) like high spicy, salty and soury or lighter (easier to burn) foods. Pitta is one of the three main Doshas present in the body and is the dominant carrier of fire and water in the body. When this constituent is imbalanced, disorders like aggressiveness, heartburn, irritability, redness, swelling, stomachache, fever, insomnia, nausea etc. usually occur. When the fire is high, we feel heat and when the fire is depleted in the body, we feel cold. Thus, it’s necessary to keep this element and also the rest of the co-existing elements in balance by eating a healthy diet and adopting a right lifestyle.

Hindu mythology:  Agni; the mainstay of life

According to Hindu ideology, the body is made up of five crucial elements, ie: water (jal), air (vaayu), fire (agni), vaccum (akaash) and earth (prithvi) which are known as “Pancha Mahabhootas”. During the formation of a foetus, all these five elements come together and co-exist in his or her body, untill the foetus matures into an individual and ultimately meets the end. It’s a law of nature, “what is taken, should be returned back to the nature.” So, when a person dies, we cremate the body and by doing so, all the five bodily elements are turned back to the nature. The heat (inside the fire) of the body goes along with the FIRE, air inside our system goes with the AIR, ashes left behind are carried away with the WATER, rest of the  particles left on ground are taken by the EARTH. When the skin coating is lost, the VACCUM constituting the body also disposes off, simultaneously. When the fire is extinguished, a person dies and body becomes cold. The temperature of the body is felt only because of FIRE. Hence, the Fire plays a significant role from birth to death, in the context of lifecycle of human beings.

“The discovery of fire was a discovery of life in a disguise.” It’s unusual to say but, the human survival would not have been possible if there was no Fire ever known to us. Be its role inside the human body or outside in day to day life’s phenomena.

In the anger management process, correction of various health issues like heartburn, poor peripheral blood regulation, sciatica pain and swelling in legs, various gynaecological disorders like issues during menstruation, the underlying cause which needs to be treated, is again the imbalanced Pitta dosha (governing fire) in the body. For this purpose, use of silver proves to be very beneficial because of its cooling properties. Drinking of silver water, a kind of decoction made by boiling 2 cups of water along with a piece of pure silver in a vessel and thereafter, bringing into use the remaining half left quantity (1cup) of silver water. Taking of 1 tsp of this silver water twice or thrice a day has been reported very effective in treating patients with severe pitta disorders. Silver reacts well with earth’s energy that’s why it is better to wear it on the lower parts of the body. At the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre and through its linked sources, we emphasise on making each and every one aware of the basic facts that are needed to bring about the lifestyle changes inside the individual and reshaping the mould of life to envision a better and healthy future. After all, a calm mind and physically stable body is all that one needs in today’s time. It’s strange that we live in so close association with the nature, yet, never understand its significance in our life. Every tiny thing present around us effects our living.

Dr. Shruti Bhardwaj

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“Believe” is a big word

We all have our own respective beliefs. Some believe in god, some strongly in luck, some in hardwork while some in the ‘self’. No matter what, how their life is treating them or wether they are getting results as per their expectations or not, yet; they never give up on self… They never stop believing. There’s no harm putting trust in others, keeping expectations for a good reciprocation from others but the much a self-confidence and a self-belief can do for you, nobody else can. Till we don’t pull ourselves, nobody can walk us till our destination. The more we walk, the more we cover and succeed.

Life is one man’s battle. It has many ups and downs and we should always have our armour of courage ready to face any unexpected phase. Today’s one of the biggest grievance is  due to the lack of self-belief. Youths are running in depression, taking help of various neuro-supporting drugs so as to overcome anxiety, fear of unknown; a fear, which they sometimes even fail to explain! Low self-esteem but why?? God has created everyone equally capable and beautiful in their own way. Why do we doubt our potential and become a barrier of success and happiness of our own? All these things are controlled by the super-motor, “the brain”. A machine which needs a positive fuel to keep running. This can be achieved by meditation and yoga, not for god’s sake but for the SELF. Self-realising practice is very crucial when it comes to create a positive aura inside and around us so that we see everything from the glass of clarity and prosperity. We become able to take decisions on our own, because alike others, whom we seek permissions and advices, too have got the same equation of grey matter. Only difference lies in the utility and some people undoubtedly needs practice for this. Iyengar yoga and meditation serves the concerned purpose rightly. The training provided at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre whose core focus lies in enlightening our dousing fire. A fire which keeps us motivated and going.

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Awareness of the Body and Mind Through Yoga

“The human body is the temple of God.
One who kindles the light of awareness within
gets true light.
The sacred flame of your inner shrine
is constantly bright.
The experience of unity
is the fulfilment of human endeavours.
The mysteries of life are revealed.”
~ Rig Veda

One figures out how to do numerous activities with full consideration, however at times there is no mental relaxation. Furthermore, there are different minutes when your awareness appears to have extended, however the brain is not sharp. It cannot be intelligent, sharp & aware, relaxed and happy at the same time. Yoga helps to attain this balanced state of awareness which provides clarity, sharpness as well as rejoice and happiness.

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