Yoga is different from Gymnastics

The greater part of Yoga practiced today anywhere in the world resembles gymnastic and the other way round: a few types of gymnastics, both of Western and Indian origin, look considerably like Yoga. The two converge in a portion of the current amalgams of Western gymnastics and Indian Yoga, or even Indian gymnastics and Western Yoga, or any comparative blend, can truly be confusing even to a practitioner expert  in the field of Yoga so, not to mention a lay spectator or an ignorant buyer of these "Yoga items". Obviously, a great many people couldn't care less about such "minuscule" differences and are pretty much content with their schedules or practices, whatever their name is. What's more, shockingly enough, most Yoga instructors are not in any case mindful of it. Be that as it may, a refinement, regardless of how vague or irrelevant it might show up at first sight, must be made in light of the fact that the quality, strategies and purposes of doing Yoga, and the advantages it gives are very not the same as those associated with gymnastic, paying little mind to how it is considered and practiced.

Gymnastics includes a wide range of physical exercises performed in diverse ways and for diverse purposes, sometimes as a preparatory practice and sometimes as the terminating practice, but the basic idea of gymnastics is body development and growth or body fitness in terms of stamina, strength, health, agility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, balance, endurance etc.

Even the most profound and higher form of gymnastics does not link the physical energy to spirituality. Gymnastics may be a set of exercises for furnishing group cohesion, development of human physique and syncing  physical culture to the glory of god but it none of the multitude of gymnastic exercise is spiritually oriented.

“Part of Yoga refers to physical postures or Asanas. But the whole and the part have been reversed, terribly misleading and confusing people about the true nature of authentic Yoga.” Unfortunately, in the present time Yoga has also become an industry which is thriving just like gymnastics. People are syncing the two for material purposes and short term goals and the consequence is that Yoga is losing its spirit and soul. The elixir of Yoga practice is disappearing due to the misconception which is prevailing in the world due to the following reasons:

Linking religious beliefs to Yoga

Linking sports, gymnastics and similar activities to Yoga

Mushrooming and commercialisation of Yoga

Yoga enhances breath in such a way that it best suits to the individual practitioner. Yoga has the power to regenerate life which when flows into everyday life it amplifies and boosts the societal and professional arena significantly. The practice of meditation which syncs the breath movement with body movement increases self-awareness.

It is unfortunate to the point that "Yoga" has so regularly been utilized as an "asana" or "posture" part. We would not call a block a "house" despite the fact that it is a piece of the development. Yet, this is what is regularly finished with Yoga. The principal expression of Yoga Sutras is "atha" which signifies "now," inferring an earlier arrangement. One might do postures for quite a long time lastly prepared for Yoga. To call it "Yoga" before that time is a misnomer. At that point "Yoga" could be fittingly utilized for the trip that one starts when genuinely understanding the history and nature of credible and traditional Yoga.

The objective or destination of Yoga is the union of the minimal self and the True Self. The sanscrit word 'yug' means 'to yoke', 'to bind', 'to unite'. While it is not the aim of this article to give a last or convincing meaning of the term Yoga - which can be depicted in various ways - it needs to do with the acknowledgment through direct experience of the prior union in the middle of Atman and Brahman, Jivatman and Paramatman, Shiva and Shakti, or the acknowledgment of Purusha remaining solitary as isolated from Prakriti. The minor certainty that one may do a couple extends with the physical body does not in itself imply that one is going towards that high union alluded to as Yoga.

Shreyashi Tiwari

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