Yoga In Our Daily Life

The human body is a machine. This machine does a considerable measure of work in a regular life. Man-made machines are normally controlled by a vital source which can be mechanical, magnetical, electrical, petroleum, synthetic, and so forth. Like all the man-made machines, our human body likewise require a vital source to work legitimately. Every one of the energies our body is getting from the sustenance stuffs which we have in our day by day life. Works out, tasty nourishments, water, air and so on additionally assume a critical part in our life. Aside from this, to make all the body parts, solid and immaculate, there is likewise another way called "YOGA."

With such materialistic modernized life we often tend to forget and cherish the most valuable thing in our lives our own ‘body’. Yoga offers a resolution to overcome the stresses of daily life in this fast paced world. From weight reduction, adaptable body, shining delightful skin, tranquil personality, greater wellbeing – whatever you may be searching for, yoga has it on off.

Yoga is often misunderstood as being limited to Asanas (postures), but actually it proffers a lot more than this. The regular practitioners of yoga consider it an irreplaceable activity of their day-to-day schedule. For some Yoga is the personal fitness mantra, for some it is a weight loss formula. It keeps the mind peaceful and placid. Professionals who are consistently performing Yoga consider it to be a creativity machine and a tool for better communication. For an individual with a long and hectic working program, it is the preeminent tool to attain peace with oneself not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

The main goals of Yoga in daily life can be enumerated as attaining-

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Social Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Self-realization or to unite oneself with the Divine

Accomplishing these goals is done in numerous ways, by loving and helping other beings, respecting life, protecting nature and the environment. A peaceful state of mind is as important as the measures listed above. The purity of thoughts and positive lifestyle catalyzes the attainment of these goals. Yoga is also a therapy which works best when taken with correct expedient, a pure vegetarian diet, physical, mental and spiritual practices contribute equally. Yoga always insists on tolerance for all nations, culture and religion. This indicates clearly that Yoga is beyond the boundaries of nations and social stratification.

To understand the true essence of health with the perspectives of Yoga it is important to get an insight of the Yoga as a practice. Yoga in daily life is not essential for its physical benefits but for the attainment of ultimate peace in life. An individual has to play several roles in his or her life and the complexities of managing various roles all at once becomes impossible when the mind is in disharmony with the body. It has been rightly quoted –

 “Just as we can see to the bottom of a lake when its water is still, when we quiet the mind we see the situations that arise in our lives with greater clarity and can make wiser choices.”

Yoga therapy will not bear fruits if the physical feats performed in Yoga are not combined with ethical behaviour i.e. Yoga practice depends significantly upon how we live. It is freeing your mind from the cluthches of its modulations. Yoga leads you towards ultimate, following certain guidelines which are five yamas of Patanjali namely - kindness, truthfulness, abundance, continence, and self-reliance - oriented toward our public behavior and allow us to coexist harmoniously with others. These are not instructions or commandments which are to  be followed mechanically but  an understanding and consideration in different situations which arise in our lives. We sometimes stumble or fall but conscious reflection helps us to see where we might have altered our behavior. The yamas are like any other skill we want to develop: we must practice. Over time, with conscious practice, our understanding of the yamas becomes more refined.

Thus, yoga therapy embibed with such ethical practices equip and impart the individual with enhanced and meaningful standard of living his life.

Shreyashi Tiwari

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