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Yoga has retreated in India after the ancient times as nowadays we can see that more Indian citizens are starting to be interested in Yoga. Yoga made a round from India to the West where people really needed release from stress of modern life and back to India as Indians nowadays are as stressed and under pressure in modern life as the Western people. The lifestyles and living patterns that had hit the Western countries few decades before have now arrived to India with full threshold and are taking over the serenity of the calm and composed lives of the Indian workforce.

In the pursuit of relief from the atrocities of the metropolis lifestyle and along with the popularity of Yoga people in the Western countries fled India seeking for gurus and teachers. And as a response to this there was a flood of new fresh gurus and yoga teachers. Unfortunately most of them did not have any serious spiritual practice time behind before trying to preach others and could not achieve the status of a true and authentic Yoga teacher. Among the mushrooming of Yoga trainers and teachers there were rare and scarce number of teachers who actually were knowledgeable and reliable and thus, it becomes important to review before following the instructions of any random teacher.

Chetan practices that where kept secret for millennia - like controlling the breath patterns of various pranayama practices, influencing vital forces of various kundalini or tantra practices have become completely open to public and taught to people who are not ready and by people who are not ready to teach it either. The results are numerous times tragic. This could be understood as dissipation of curriculum concerning the scholars of masters to a child who has just begun his/her schooling.

There had been numerous instances reporting people actually dying from wrong pranayama, getting mentally unstable or even becoming crazy from influencing the subtle energies from wrong kundalini or tantra.

We individuals must perceive that every religion, every profound framework cautions that greed is the greatest sin. Greed for cash is by all account not the only eagerness. Greed for skills, insatiability for adaptability, is just as awful as it can cover to trying so as to harm the body to push it harder. “Super powers” normally a yogi secured as a symptom of safeguarding life power". It should however not be the aim of practice – but rather a “side effect” of “amassing vitality inside by to a great degree centered way of life”.

What's more, in various systems of spiritual development "those forces and possibilities that one can reach were kept mystery from the supporters and just uncovered to them when they were prepared" - is possibly the most unsafe when put to public as it can lead one to annihilate him/herself by pursuing those forces. For instance individuals getting apprehensive clutters like epilepsy has turned into a typical marvels of the unsafe pranayama practice. When somebody is not stable in the body and mind but rather in any case goes step more remote totally ill-equipped and pushes the breath and pushes the unobtrusive energies, the vitality begins to run more dyanamically yet the substantial vitality circuit of "body electric wires" are too thin and can't hold the voltage" and the sensory system breaks.

One must reflect about his/her own particular eagerness, be straightforward with him/herself, about his/her own particular restrictions. As it is truly simple to annihilate great wellbeing however some considerably more hard to repair it. Particularly in the event that somebody rolled out some unconscious energies on the most profound levels and doesn't generally have entry there to alter it back.

Where somebody really is being developed? Wise educators says in the event that you are prepared sure changes in your framework occur naturally and you really don't do it" - IT HAPPENS TO YOU. Your breath actually without anyone else's input changes, your vitality changes and your body hence works in an unexpected way. In any case, that happens on the grounds that you were prepared in your otherworldly development.

Look for safe practices. Watch precisely how you feel from practice. Does it give me peace, quiet, hush? Does it make me feel more adjust in the body, more steady, more grounded? Does it make me feel more gathered and better in life? Am I more mindful of myself and my connection to external world? Am I more aware of my relations with other individuals? THIS IS A GOOD YOGA AND MEDITATION PRACTICE.

If you feel bothered, it's hard to focus, you feel yourself disperced all over the place, to a great degree chatty, unreliable, scattered, on edge irate, shaky. If you feel torment, if  you cause wounds, injuries, in the event that you feel factious, unpeaceful, in the event that you experience difficulty sleeping, feel overactive, hyper, on the off chance that you feel cerebral pains, electric stuns, on the off chance that you are very little in contact with yourself, in the event that you feel significantly all the more full of wants and desires, brain is more fretful than before. THIS IS A CLEAR INDICATION YOU ARE DOING A WRONG PRACTICE.

These anomalies and difficulties in the practice has to be resolved with the experienced teacher. Make sure you follow the guide of a master who understands the uniqueness of individual body and imparts the knowledge in a correct manner.

Shreyashi Tiwari

Pranayama - Working with the Bandhas
Awareness of the Body and Mind Through Yoga

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