Yoga and Nature

Some great thinkers and intellectual minds have suggested that at one stage it would become necessary for human race to retreat to the times from where their journey began. The fact stated by them is relevant and true; the beings that existed earlier had better understanding of self, their body, mind and their functioning.

Yoga brings us closer to nature. For those who practice Yoga regularly, gradually as the time passes they experience a positive change in health, working output, intellect and mind and body coordination. As the awareness of the self increases, the social functioning of the individual also improves. When one feels bliss from within, the interaction with people and surrounding becomes healthier and fruitful. From here we come to the essence of the article i.e. nature (surrounding). Again the commercial world which is purely money oriented fails to understand the need of human understanding of the self and this parts them from their very surrounding and nature. As your yoga practice progresses you will find yourself being relaxed and freeing up. You might even notice that you begin to relinquish certain habits and fears. It is similar to a sentiment of returning back home, being OK with who you are and knowing your surroundings, the mother Nature. Connecting on all our levels, knowing ourselves, our family, our group, our city and our Earth.

It is not simply about coming closer to the nature that is expected of the humans but it is also about observing and understanding the nature not just superficially but in depths; in depths of its features and attributes.The rules of nature teach us a lot of how we should perceive our lives and live it qualitatively. Living in harmony with other life forms is essential and it is our moral responsibility. The current activities of humans however don’t match up to these expectations and the concerns related to these issues has been rising evidently.

Yoga in no way could resolve these concerns but can make us sensitive enough to accept and understand what is required to curb and tackle such issues. To support the hypothesis one may consider the fact that asanas must be performed in a surrounding which is enriched with essence of nature which elevates the impact oy Yoga practice and Yoga therapy which is being performed by the individual.

We have to relearn what we have lost in only a couple of eras. We have to begin off with the straightforward strides of becoming acquainted with our bodies, how they work and how we communicate with nature, the space around and ourselves. Yoga connects us with all these diverse levels. By adding to our mindfulness of our body through yoga we learn how we are connected to the earth underneath us and the universe around us.

Yoga and nature are two aspects which unify to provide meaning to the existence of individuals who have been incorporating the teachings and philosophies of Yoga in their lives. Some individuals also love to spend quality time in nature and when this time is integrated with Yoga practice the thought of true existence and understanding the flow of energy around becomes simplified and justified. Practices like meditation, asanas and being in the nature evive and rejuvenate the individual ‘s mind, body and soul.

Shreyashi Tiwari

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