The Magical Word “OM”

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We all must have heard and read about the word “OM”, somewhere at any point of our lives we must have also heard about its alliance with spirituality. However, many of us might have not been aware of the magical permanence that lies within the folds of such a short word. In various religions, om is practised as a mantra like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism. The vibration produced during the om chanting is believed to be a sacred sound. A sound that can be a mind healer. A remedy for a broken spirit. How amazing that could be!

Om as an icon has been found in various ancient religious manuscripts since ages. There can’t be any misbelief pertaining to its dominance in the spiritual world. Even there are many researches being carried out to ascertain the connotation between the word om and it’s positive effect on a human body and mind. It has been proved positively that there is actually an energy dispersing from the word om which is being felt by many glorified souls (saints) and proved substantially by laureate scientists and researchers. Advanced medical Science has left no stone unturned to draw a line between what’s hypothetical and what’s factual. According to research, the vibration produced during the audible om chanting stimulates the vagus nerve of the brain. This stimulation is needed for the treatment of the people, undergoing depression, seizures and epilepsy. The vibration produced, can be sensed around the ears also and it passes to the brain through auricular branches. All this proved to be logical depending upon the physics of sound, vibration and resonance. It might interest you all that the actual word to pronounce correctly is “AUM”.

So each syllable “A”, “U” and “M” are pronounced differently, sensing a different vibration pattern. When we focus on each syllable either silently or by chanting, there happens to be a humming  sound  produced , following the syllable “M”(Mmmmm) at the end. Repeating the same pattern of OM chanting or it’s audible practice activates all the seven centres (chakras) which are the energy centes of a subtle body and as there are about 7200 energy channels (naadis) in the body, the vibrations produced through the Om, being passed through these channels, helps in cleansing these chakras, thereby, making the body free from ailments and agony. Among these seven chakras, if any of the centre remains unbalanced, that would result in health disorders and mental distress. As all these seven chakras governs specific body  regions separatly, from head (brain) to lower back (spine), they have a unique correlation with the endocrine glands situated in the human body.

Let’s have a read:

1st chakra (Muladhara chakra) is the root chakra. It controls the adrenaline glands and their functions.
2nd chakra (Swadhisthana chakra) is the sacral chakra. It controls the gonads and their functions.
3rd chakra (Manipura chakra) is the solar plexus chakra. It controls the pancreas and its secretions.
4th chakra (Anahata chakra) is the heart chakra. It governs the thymus gland and its functions.
5th chakra (Vishudha chakra) is the throat chakra and thus, it controls the thyroid gland.
6th chakra (Ajna chakra) is the third eye chakra and it controls pituitary gland and its functions.
7th chakra (Sahasrara chakra) is the topmost chakra also known as crown chakra, controls the pineal gland and its functions.

As every existing thing is made up of an atom and nucleus of the atoms carry positive charge, so, when the energy is liberated through the medium of Om, our aura becomes clean and positive. Hence, it becomes a critical step towards mind healing process and deep relaxation. Not only it can help to heal the mind but the Om vibrations enables you with a  self-healing  and self-boosting power too by restoring the deranged endocrine levels in the body  and reducing the stress causing toxins. OM is the prime powerful sound that’s effectively adopted while meditating and freeing the mind of various mental and bodily sufferings. All one needs to do is to chant the OM syllable focusing entirely on its sound and letting it penetrate one’s whole body on all levels.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dr.Shruti Bhardwaj

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