Speaking out is a way of expressing our thoughts by which one conveys a message to another person, to put a decision forward, to reflect our consent or any disapproval. Proper communication shows one’s concern regarding any matter which also favours establishing harmonious and emotionally stable relationships; be it at home or at official grounds. Silence can be mistakenly taken as a cold or insensitive gesture and sometimes it portrays you as a dumb person who is scared of being judged of his inefficacy. It doesn’t mean that one should never remain silent but being rightly outspoken, it can be dealt with patience and politeness. Right tone of voice never goes in vain. By speaking out, many confusions can be wiped off and one can easily open up for a confrontation. Making it as a habit of keeping things to the heart, creates a kind of heftiness on the mind and it has been discovered that such people, who don’t express themselves, are more susceptible to heart attacks and diabetes. Least expressing person eventually ends up in heavy alcohol drinking and smoking so as to feel relieved, but this in turn, makes their condition worse as it aggravates both vata and pitta dosha in their body, and their imbalance in turn results in depression, anxiety, aggression and malaise.

Other aspect to look at is that we all are full of enormous energy which has the potency to match with the frequency of other people. This energy build-up requires to be emitted and received; to and from, in a cyclic manner for a balanced living. Keeping abnormally mute for a long and remaining confined inside a shell, makes that spark of energy within loose its vitality, which actually was to help us to clean our system (mind and body). Our body is made up of numerous body cells which are conscious to experience emotions. According to Quantum Physics two particles of matter which have interacted with each other, even on being separated by many miles, still act as if they are connected. This is all governed by the energy only that has been discussed above. Any energetic change if made in one of the particles, will bring the change in the other distant particle also and this phenomenon is somewhere in context to understand the human body and behaviour, which is always interconnected. This interconnection is with the thoughts we keep, positive or negative energy we store inside. Hence, speaking out is to filter the thought process and in other words, filtering mind. There is a universal energy field all around us and to emit our own energy to the universe in a positive manner, our actions, our speech, our emotions, is something which can be attained by meditation practises. When our mind will synchronise with this energy field, third law of equal and opposite reaction will come into play and all the received positive energy from the universal field can be focused onto physical and emotional healing. A speech always evokes consciousness to the mind, be it the one who is speaking or the one who is listening. No one can measure the depth of thoughts and feelings unless they are put into words. Sound is magic, whether it’s a sacred mantra or a motivational speech.

We sometimes come to know about the mood of a person, simply by speaking to him on phone. It’s the low intensity of voice (sound) energy we receive and we reciprocate accordingly. Similarly, opening up with our boss tactfully and wisely may resolve some of the critical issues at our workplace. Criticising others for the right thing will work in the wellfare of all. Keeping mute does not always stand obligatory and helpful, rather, it would take you no step further. It happens with many people that even if they are quite acquainted with knowledge, they resent from speaking up in a meeting or group discussions, at the end of the day a comatose vibe overshadows their zeal and contentment, hence, there arises a sense of lack of confidence and doubt of being inept. In fact, there’s a motivational story about a guy who does not speak out of public fear. Once he was supposed to give a speech to his classmates, while, he had never given even any two lines speech. He was terribly horrified while speaking up in the crowd and felt almost physically ill. He forgot all the speech and sat down in shame, feeling badly humiliated. That day, he promised to himself that he will speak up and when in doubt would just remember one thing ”what I have to say is more important than, what I feel” and you will be surprised to know many years later, that guy became a state minister .

Have you ever noticed the process of photosynthesis? The plants also carry out the process of absorption and filtration. The sunlight and carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plants, like we all keep receiving all kind of energies from our surroundings. The plants even on absorbing harmful CO2, convert it into a beneficial oxygen to circulate it back to the atmosphere. Even water is filtered out from the leaves in the form of water vapours by the process known as transpiration, so as to balance their functional longevity there was no filtration in plants, they might get wilted due to the continuous water absorption. Over-receiving of water indicates over introvert character. Hence, we all need to filter our system and give back to the universe what we receive and perceive so that there remains a balance of energies and doshas in our body. Meditation makes the mind prepared for all the physical and mental challenges and human will also get strong by regularly practising it. So next time if you refrain from speaking your mind, simply remember, ‘the nature also has absorb and emit.’

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dr. Shruti Bharadwaj