Poisoned Thoughts

It’s amazing to realise that how our mouth starts watering merely by thinking or speaking about some scrumptious foods. Have we ever taken this really seriously? Seriousness that thoughts are controlling our mind, and in fact, controlling our entire lives every second. When without taking anything inside our mouth, the lingual glands starts secreting, then just by directing our thoughts in a negative direction, how many endocrine glands may produce toxic effect in our mind and body?

The healthy roots of thought process would only bear the fruits of healthy and successful living. By keeping our thoughts malignant, one cannot hope for peace and inner contentment. This is spiritually connected. It can be well understood when the word “telepathy” comes into play. Often when we are missing or thinking about someone so deeply they actually show up or turn up by making a surprise phone call to us. It is because we hold very strong positive feelings for them, we think good about them, and this in turns, works as a magic. The world is connected by the soul of all the beings and things in the Universe. We all are a mass of energy in a mobile state. We all keep on transferring such energy to the people with whom we interact, meet daily, love or hate. Many times we feel a sense of receiving negative vibes from other person which makes us uncomfortable being in their company. We hardly wish to meet them again or sit close to them. Actually there is nothing wrong with the other person but the exact problem lies somewhere in his negative thought process which creates a negative aura around him. Recalling all the wrongs that have ever happened to us and looking at every issue with a contradictory point of view develops into a kind of catastrophe around us, that only tends to attract more and more of the negative charges from the surroundings and people and hence, proves harmful. The nexus of negativity around us is the poisoned thoughts inside us.

How far one can go possessing poisoned thoughts?
We need not to go any far for understanding this. Let’s pick up the facts from our cyclic lives, although, we tend to overlook them. Professionally, many of the seniors at a higher level designation possess a thinking of being supreme and they wrongly treat the juniors at a vulnerable position. Such high headed mindset lacks the virtue of benevolence and understanding on a spiritual and humanitarian level. Eventually, such people run either into uncontrollable aggression or loneliness. Many of us must have come across a common warning by educators “we will see you on the grades result day”. This is another shape of wrong thought process which poisons the real virtue of being an educator. This is an act of resentment, discrimination and hatred towards students and a wrong ideology of misusing the powers. It’s a human nature to react differently with different people but the reaction must be fair. At least, not intended to demoralise others. Personally also, many of us might have experienced the vague feeling when one of our close friend recently owns a big luxury bungalow and despite feeling happy for him, a vibe of jealousy and restlessness comes to pass through us. Relationships, where both seeks a chance to point out the mistakes and humiliating each other as best as they can, cheating friends for the greed of money, creating misunderstandings between two to gain self-interest, giving financial stress to the parents or spouse by threatening them, all assorts in the same bowl of poison. The law of action - reaction works everywhere. If we keep hard feelings and negative thoughts for others, we receive the same from them too. Negativity has polluted the environment so densely that it travels and reaches more easily than the positivity. Hence, it has become crucially vital to keep filtering our impure thoughts. Be self-observant first rather than keeping a check on others. A clean mindset will be the one with a clearer vision. However, being a human,  may be due to some outer forces, we do fall into the clinches of negativity unintentionally but there is always a firm helping hand to rescue us and lead us from the dark path to the path of enlightenment and kindness. It is the yoga sadhana and meditation practice. One needs to listen to the inner silence that seeks peace and contentment. The aura around us needs to be maintained and charged with positivity. That’s a reason why we feel a sense of eternal bliss when we visit holy places or sit around spiritual bodies. That’s where the transfer of good energy holds the exsistence. Not only on the spiritual grounds, professionally also there are few rare personalities by whom we get so emotionally and mentally motivated just by interacting with them for a short period. Such people are dynamic and have super positive thought process and bright clean aura around them. Prefer such company, be your own critic, keep inside what is worth keeping and let the waste go off the mind. Take a break of few minutes daily for yoga and meditation. For this is not only for the good of mind, but for the good of an enlightened soul as well. That’s how we learn!

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