Medical Advantages of Iyengar Yoga

Exploration proposes that rehearsing Iyengar yoga may yield particular medical advantages. Here's a glance at some key study discoveries:

1) Osteoarthritis

In a pilot study distributed in 2005, researchers found that Iyengar yoga may decrease torment among individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee. The study included 11 yoga tenderfoots with osteoarthritis, every one of whom were appointed to eight weeks of Iyengar yoga preparing (including one hour and a half session every week). Notwithstanding encountering huge diminishments in torment, the seven members who finished the study demonstrated an abatement in joint solidness and change in capacity.

2) Lower Back Pain

Iyengar yoga may simplicity torment, enhance capacity, and lift melancholy among grown-ups with endless lower back pain, as indicated by a recent report.
Study results demonstrated that 43 patients allotted to six months of every other week Iyengar yoga classes had altogether more prominent diminishments in agony force, inability, and melancholy.

3) Breast Cancer Recovery

Iyengar yoga may advantage survivors of bosom tumor, a recent report appears. For 12 weeks, 24 bosom malignancy survivors tuned in Iyengar yoga classes and shown.

The benefits of Iyengar Yoga in general may also be listed as -

• Enhances adaptability
• Deeply unwinds the body
• Stills the psyche
• Improves limit for recuperating and adjusting
• Balances the apprehensive and insusceptible framework
• Boosts insusceptibility
• Enhances your mood

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