Love but Learn Endurance

Have you ever been heart-broken?Disgusted with the life at personal grounds? I am sure most of us must have gone through the circumstantial distress where nothing seems perfect in life. Whatever thing wedesire for, it happens to stand out of the question and turns impossible. Many of us become a title of gossips and speculations as we seem so apprehensive and depressed most of the time. But, the primemost question is “why are we heartbroken?”

Love is not a reason to frown, although, flowers of love do bear thorns as well. Also, all love stories do not have perfect ending.But, that’s not the end of life.We tend to make our life miserable unwantedly.It’s a human nature, to over-think about the things which didn’t turn out well in life.The separation, the bereavement, betrayals and so on.We keep clinging to such unpleasant emotions for too long that they become a part of our behavioural instinct.However, we turn a blind eye towards the things which are still there in store for us. The people left behind still care for us. It’s quite obvioubeing pulled towards the source from where we get more attention, affection and love.Relations grow deeper with time and so deeply we get attached to them.A dependency forms a place. In its absence, it seems like we have had a worst nightmare parting from our dear ones.Though, we all are aware of the factthat”nothing lasts forever”.Every living and non-living thing has an expiry date and that is the hard fact of life which we need to accept bravely rather falling into depression or loneliness .

We never wish to even discuss and foresee the future this way.Ofcourse, being optimistic is the key to happy living but running away from the eternal truth is also a folly.Just imagine if the only person you die to talk with in your weakest hours is gone or god forbid, no more? Life and death is certain and inevitable process.Noone can escape the time to depart from this world.We all are supposed to play our role and leave.Every close person in our life teaches us something valuable,shapes us into a new person and one day he/she passes away leaving behind memories.Why not to cherish theworth memorable momentsrather than mourning and cursing life all the time?Always remember, you are not alone and only one going through such hard times. Every human has its share of happiness and sorrows. Our inner peace cannot be lost by losing someone dear to us because we don’t actually lose them! We just lose theirphysical existence.True love is a soul’s union rather than a superficial bond.Be it a true love between mother and daughter, the lovers or siblings.We don’t stop believing that along with the body, the soul has also perished.Had it been true, nobody would have ever followed and performed the afterliferituals and ceremonies to bid a heartfelt farewell to the departed soul.Soul is immortal.The connection with it can never be lost.Why not to grace it and feel it with a positive aspect?Offering the sacred flowers to the grave is something of the same belief that the gone ones are still there with us.Meditation is a powerful source that forms a linkage between the two worlds (the mortal and immortal existence). We just need to follow the right path and it would lead to the eternal bliss itself.Becoming vulnerable to the pain and suffering would only leadto depression and desolation. What would we get by discontinuing with our daily works? Why should our passion die or professional life suffer?Do our dependency on some relationships grow so much that we become so dejected and low self-esteemed without them? What do we get actually by doing so?Think about all the difficult questions quietly and one would never get the right answer in the favour of stagnation.Life moves in circles and one must move along the life cycle, for stagnation is the cessation of living and it’s more worse than death. There are many incidences of natural calamities where there isn’t even a chance of 1% survival.People loose every bit of their possession and relations.Fate cannot be changed but yes, darkness can be turned into light after the storm passes away.Hold on to good memories while practicing relaxing yoga and meditation.It brings incredible good hormone release in the brain, soothes our senses and lift our spirits.It enables us to gain strength to endure the grief.We may not be able to find the missing person again but we would surely be able to find the missing peace and contentment again.A faith in the spiritual connection is extremely needed while practicing meditation. Life cannot always offer usbed of roses,it has its own way of refining us.Yesterday we were kids, unaware of the tears and pain.Today we are grown up, way more experienced. We need to get over our emotional distress bylearning the simple fact of endurance and accepting what is not irreplaceable.Even in ancient literatures, ardent   endearment (Moh) of anything   is the root cause of the sufferings.Love all,fall in love, marry someone but always have that endurance level high so that you can stand and walk alone if the time demands.One should never feel left out in the world because almighty is there with us and just like a supreme soul, the soulful connection with the gone ones can never be lost.One just needs to practice and implement as per the yogic teachings and meditationpractices to keep the mental state in balance.Ifever, there is no time for any yoga sadhanapractise, simply keep the mind indulged in some good work.Read some good books, talk to some old friend and reach to the quite places of your heart simply by deep breathing. The more good we feed our brain, the more healthy is our state of mind.Inspire yourself with the best exemplary brave people. Keep loving your dear ones but always have that brave heart to endure what we call “THE LIFE”!

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dr.Shruti Bhardwaj

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