Is 200 hours TTC enough to be a professional Yoga Teacher?

The phrase must appear to be familiar to some of the readers and for those who still happen to be uninformed about the course it would be enlightening to understand the Yoga becoming a business tool. There has also been an attempt to compromise the actual knowledge with the certified knowledge. A certified teacher with a few hours of training has become a normal site. But what followers and practitioners seeking a renowned School of Yoga fail to understand is that Yoga learning cannot be restricted to syllabi of few hours. The most recognized, eminent and distinguished Guru’s had been a practitioner for years and then started teaching based on their experiences.

There has been a significant rise in the institutes running Yoga Teacher’s Training Course and so has been in the number of programmes and courses being run by the. For e.g. 200 hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Course is a part of several institutes curriculum. The components of the course have been enlisted below:

» Asana: Yogic postures comprise four hours of the daily schedule. You will be introduced to the various asanas in a systematic manner with progressively increasing level of difficulty. Once the basics are mastered, asana flows, adjustments and subtle aspects of breath & awareness will be brought into focus.

» Shatkarma: These yogic cleansing practices will be integrated into the daily morning schedule and will work in conjunction with the asana practices.

» Yoga Anatomy: You will learn anatomy and physiology relevant to yoga in order to strengthen the classroom explanations, cues, and corrections of asanas.

» Yoga Philosophy: This class will focus on introducing you to the basic philosophy, concepts and history of yoga. It will cover the various traditional philosophies and viewpoints, insights from modern research and ways in which the essence of this holistic life-view can be integrated into a modern lifestyle.

» Pranayama, chanting & meditation: You will learn techniques to work with vital energy centers in the body with a goal of becoming proficient enough to teach these skills to your students.

Now, it would be even more interesting to explain the objectives of such courses and the purpose they fulfil. The duration of the course being as low as 200 hours cannot sustain the spirit of a true Yoga instructor. Learning should never be confused with practicing. It is almost practically impossible to accept that a mere 200 hour training is sufficient enough to provide a person with knowledge equipped enough to handle different types of individuals with different nature of physique efficiently. How can a certificate stand for experience and knowledge?

The short period of the course and the promising nature of the profession has lead to commercialisation of Yoga. The quest for gaining money has replaced the quest for teaching. Also one of the components of 200 hour Yoga course mentioned above talks about philosophy in Yoga. For those who understand what philosophy truly is can you justify that 200 hours can teach you how to reason, or how to build thoughts which are simply learned and not practiced.

Gandhi had said “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”  Such teachers failing to experience enough often try out certain practices directly on students, without analysing the nature of their body and what happens next can be predicted easily. The students often end up getting injured. Sometimes the injuries could be in the most sensitive organs and body parts like shoulder, neck, knee or back(spine). The injuries to these areas if become severe demolish a person’s normal functioning and sometimes can also produce disastrous results.

The ayurvedic massage healers and practitioners to setup their business around the Yoga Schools run by new inexperienced Yoga gurus mocking that there business could never suffer a loss for being close to such schools. Thus, it would be better discourage such practices rather being a part of one. One must be alert to understand that its your body at stake and not theirs, so, be aware enough before making a choice in the Schools for learning Yoga.

Shreyashi Tiwari

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