Combating Sucidal Tendency with Meditation

It’s very surprising to believe that a simple sitting practise for meditation can rescue a person with an intention of killing the self. But, there is no such rocket science behind it. It’s a trial of not giving up on ourself actually. We humans generally find it easy to end up the things that bothers us. Coming across failures sometimes leads to a very negative thought of escaping the hard situation by committing sucide. When people give up on us, thinking that we don’t have any good left in us and we seem hopeless to them, we too start believing the same. Same that we won't be able to fit in those shoes again, for moving forward. Life comes with multiple staircases. Some are the stairs of self-confidence and success with bags loads of appreciation from everybody around us. While some staircases we climb to reach to the top just fall down. We feel abandoned and loose our own identity and self-esteem on not being treated fair by others. It’s very vital for us to know who we really are. What’s the purpose of our living and going on. Every person has got a purpose in life. Those who are dishearted, feels like there is no reason left to live. However, there are still many purposes to move on. If not on the personal grounds, take it in a general aspect and see, we all have a purpose of being born on this mother planet and that’s to give love, to serve, to treat the people right. If someday you doubt and think of yourself as a useless being and try to end your life, think about those who strongly need few drops of blood for surviving and fighting dreadly diseases, think of those people who sleep being starved every night but still get up every morning to earn for the living or the ones who are only seeking a company just like you. Noone is ever alone in this world, if we look around and peep into the life of others, we will find many of our life’s own reflections in it. If we are broken, others too are finding a cure for their miseries. It’s just that when we are absorbed in our sadness, we are unable to read the faces of others going through the same pain as well, because our vision is totally blank during the worse times. Sucide is a sign of cowardness. There can be many reasons for a person to think about taking such extreme step; failure in career, failed relationships, betrayls and so on... But due to being left out by some people or facing a major loss on the professional grounds, life doesn't cease and always offers opportunities to rise again. Many doors do remain opened. We just need to be patient for that very moment and watch the situation with a calm and broader perspective. See a problem with a little distance, imagine it’s a problem of your friend that you ought to sort out for them. Surely, you will find better options to deal with the problem. The fact is that when the problem is of our own, we become so impatient and nervous that we loose our calm, loose that sight of wisdom to tackle the problem. Balance of mind is very necessary for dealing with any problem. This needs practising meditation which helps to attain that mental level with which a person can take decisions without haste and fear. The badly exacerbating hormones which are released during stress are notably dropped down when one sits in silence and practises to relax, the state of mental peace will be attained for sure.

This is our body in which our soul exsist, we are the owner of our own mind and body. No other person or the extrinsic situation has the ability to ruin our soul’s habitat. Likewise, if a house is weared down due to any calamity, only it’s owner has the ability and the right to repair it and make it worth living again. So, why should we seek others for lifting us up from the deep pits where we have fallen. We need to rise on our own again. Of course, the present scenario seems like a finished chapter at times just like a plant seems dead, having no life left after being crushed by the wind, but if it patiently awaits the favourable season, it becomes alive again. Similarily, we human beings should take learnings from the mother nature, that whatever worse comes in the way, the sun never stops shining. Dying is no solution to any problem. Nobody is going to remember us for long if we end our life like a looser. Besides, it would only leave our family bereaved.

Dead men are nowhere remembered in the story. Wariors and fighters are! Failure belongs to the body, to the being we are known as, but a mind never fails, a soul never dies till you believe in yourself. Nevertheless, some situations makes us weak but our mind is like a magical wand which knows to heal worse times. Refining the soul and becoming awakened of the ground reality that we are born alone, so we should fight alone and leave the world alone with a mark of respect behind, that’s what makes the difference to the living. Attaining this depth of knowledge is possible only by believing and acknowledging the power of meditation. It’s like to refill our mind and body with the strength and energy that we loose during the bad phase.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dr.Shruti Bhardwaj (Therapeutic Nutritionist)

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