Betrayal and the Holistic Approach to Heal

Betrayal is like a crack in the wall, so deep that even if one tries hard to cement it later on, the inner crack leaves an irreparable hollowness within, which may be not seen but, is felt by the sufferer, who actually goes through it. It’s very obvious to get hurt, being deceived and ditched by someone whom once we had trusted a lot. But why should a right person suffer due to the wrong one? As a matter of human nature, we always underestimate our own worth. Being betrayed, we develop a low self-esteem and start feeling pity for ourselves. It requires a wisdom’s eye to see whom we get close to and share our life and secrets. Over emotional attitude while dealing with the people, leads to our own emotional harm. Trusting someone is not wrong but it too comes with certain parameters to think about vastly. As the saying suggests ”excess of everything is bad”. Over thinking, over love, over emotional, all these things are constraints of our superficial existence of being (body and mind). However, the inner asomatous heart keeps guiding us. It’s quite likely to lose ourselves and get carried away with the promptly rising peer effect and wide public relations. We tend to get lost in our own good for nothing, world of stress, complimented with gadgets, daily arguments and thoughts about wasteful issues. Have we ever thought practically, are these tensions going to affect us any later in life? At present, the situation may seem worse, we become unable to find any sort of way-out to release ourselves from the pain caused by the wounds of betrayal. However, if we think deeply, every person who once was very sad and broken down in life, whom we personally know, gets over the grief with a certain period of time. As we all know time is a great healer. Human mind is designed as such that it cannot give up acclimatising (learning to adjust with the change). This change may be an emotional bar to cross over, or a physical adaptation for staying at peace. That’s one of the reason why some people are being suggested to switch their living place for acquiring mental placidity. Turning stubborn to torn and failed relations, is a lack of a strong will actually.

That rigidity of being stuck, is basically an emotional weakness that we hide from ourselves and from everyone else. Heartaches, grieves, break ups, setbacks all are momentary. Our life is what we have today. Nothing exists in tomorrow as it neither comes nor it comes the way we plan. People come and go throughout the lifetime. Some value our worth and they stay, where as some others just exit, leaving behind much bitter memories and a blank space in our life that it seems almost impossible to move on or fill the void spaces back again. Things are so meaningless for people with an unawaken mind and a cold heart to perform such sordid act, so they keep on hurting others. We cannot blame ourselves for everything that happens in our life. Everything has a good reason to happen. One should take it positively. Nature does not have any significant language but teaches us silently. The bending of the trees during windy days only reflects the act of being humble and tolerant, which in turn enables the trees to sustain and live on. However, stiff-necked trees may break due to the resentment towards a changing situation. Similarly, nature resides in our hearts too. We must learn to move on happily with our life, never regretting, but learning from whatever happened because till the inner crust is not healed, outer layers of healing won’t help. Our metaphysical form of psyche keeps on guiding us about the right and wrong, only until we wish to hear and seek the correction for the self. The one who is practically enlightened and awakened, can hear the call of the inner heart (conscience). For instance, we interact with a person for the first time, but, we just can make a perfect judgement about that person whether he or she is reliable or not. So many times we are even being warned by our parents about a particular person to keep distance and stay away from believing them. In fact, they also turn right at last. How does these things happen? Why some people are so good in correct decision making and have a strong intuition about others, while some just live in the dilemma all the time. It may be a matter of following a spiritual path, adapting of the right lifestyle, better experience to see the world and a perfection attained out from the previous mistakes. Our elders are more acknowledged regarding relationships and trusting their words is never going to make you repent later in life. It’s not always that every parent or every elder is spiritually aware but learning with each passing day never goes wasted. Every day has something new and better to teach us. So when you are feeling broken down or clueless about life, sit with your elders or whom you consider your guru or guide, who have that lamp of light that you seek. Talking your heart out with someone is the best remedy for relieving the burden of relationship glitches. Being betrayed doesn’t mean that revenge should pay back or to show them your worth. Doing so would only lead to overthink about such waste of time people. Things never turn the same again twice. Neither same feelings nor the same time. So, instead of making wicked plans to hurt them back, seek help of meditation which actually makes the inner psyche more illuminated and aware of the alluring temptations which drives the mind towards the dark path and in the end destroys our entity. Relaxing the mind and feeling the merry weightless soul is an amazing experience one can achieve by meditation and yoga practises. Rest, for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and say “All will be fine”.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dr.Shruti Bhardwaj (Therapeutic Nutritionist)

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