“Believe” is a big word

We all have our own respective beliefs. Some believe in god, some strongly in luck, some in hardwork while some in the ‘self’. No matter what, how their life is treating them or wether they are getting results as per their expectations or not, yet; they never give up on self… They never stop believing. There’s no harm putting trust in others, keeping expectations for a good reciprocation from others but the much a self-confidence and a self-belief can do for you, nobody else can. Till we don’t pull ourselves, nobody can walk us till our destination. The more we walk, the more we cover and succeed.

Life is one man’s battle. It has many ups and downs and we should always have our armour of courage ready to face any unexpected phase. Today’s one of the biggest grievance is  due to the lack of self-belief. Youths are running in depression, taking help of various neuro-supporting drugs so as to overcome anxiety, fear of unknown; a fear, which they sometimes even fail to explain! Low self-esteem but why?? God has created everyone equally capable and beautiful in their own way. Why do we doubt our potential and become a barrier of success and happiness of our own? All these things are controlled by the super-motor, “the brain”. A machine which needs a positive fuel to keep running. This can be achieved by meditation and yoga, not for god’s sake but for the SELF. Self-realising practice is very crucial when it comes to create a positive aura inside and around us so that we see everything from the glass of clarity and prosperity. We become able to take decisions on our own, because alike others, whom we seek permissions and advices, too have got the same equation of grey matter. Only difference lies in the utility and some people undoubtedly needs practice for this. Iyengar yoga and meditation serves the concerned purpose rightly. The training provided at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre whose core focus lies in enlightening our dousing fire. A fire which keeps us motivated and going.

Let’s explain our point more precisely. We may have noticed that when we were kids, we were not afraid to sing publically. No matter if we sung good or bad, we sung the wrong lyrics but we just did the thing which was there in our carefree mind. The more we grow old, the less we start taking parts in curricular activities, singing or dancing, even though we are best in that. Just because we become judgmental as we grow up. Sometimes, we do not even wish to sing aloud in our room if some other person is sitting around because we are not sure if we do that perfectly or not. We start expecting the results even before we put our efforts into action. We are afraid of not being appreciated or being ignored by others. The crux of the story is we stop believing in our self. Never let the negative side take control of your thoughts. There’s a very famous saying: ”you become, what you think” and here at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre, we strongly emphasise on the same and make you believe in the same as well. You just have to give your thought process a rest by developing regular practice habit of asana and meditation. You can perfectly train your mind to become more silent and restful, so that you are in charge of it and not vice versa. It is not only is needed to energise you physically as the mind can drain you but also mentally to help you attain such a positive and magnetic aura that would only know to attract the positive energy from your surroundings. The next time when by chance, you will be on the verge of soaking some negativity from any source, the yoga and meditation therapy will shield you beforehand and you will actually start believing in the possibilities that could be created with a sound mind without any panic rather than merely giving up.

Dr. Shruti Bhardwaj

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