Awareness of the Body and Mind Through Yoga

“The human body is the temple of God.
One who kindles the light of awareness within
gets true light.
The sacred flame of your inner shrine
is constantly bright.
The experience of unity
is the fulfilment of human endeavours.
The mysteries of life are revealed.”
~ Rig Veda

One figures out how to do numerous activities with full consideration, however at times there is no mental relaxation. Furthermore, there are different minutes when your awareness appears to have extended, however the brain is not sharp. It cannot be intelligent, sharp & aware, relaxed and happy at the same time. Yoga helps to attain this balanced state of awareness which provides clarity, sharpness as well as rejoice and happiness.

Yoga nowadays has been associated with more of physical activities like gymnastics and the efficiency in performing Yoga is judged merely on the basis of the sweat which seeps out of the body while indulging into a physical phenomenon. But Yoga cannot and should not be judged on this basis. Yoga is much more than just a bunch of few physical bends and poses. Yoga is spiritual, it integrates physical, mental and emotional state of an individual with the reality; the reality which is not  just constituted of surrounding - the outer environment - but the inner attribute of the self.

A person without awareness is like a sleepwalker heading to an unknown direction without any motive. Awareness is important, because when a person is aware of the self and the surrounding and syncs this awareness with his understanding of his own mind, body and soul, he frees himself from the control of the situations and society and his awareness takes the charge of his actions. These actions are free from the influence of confusion which prevails in the state of being not aware of body and mind.

As quoted in the above excerpt from Rig Veda, awareness is fulfilment of human endeavours, one who is aware not just of his actions performing in the present, close past & future, but also of the mind, emotions, thoughts and visions has achieved the state of fulfilment of all the ventures of human life.

Yoga establishes awareness in all the aspects of our being. Yoga asanas contribute towards physical prosperity. Yoga stances finished with full mindfulness gives a delicate back rub to all the inside organs, and leads you to a relaxed state of mind. In a casual and relentless posture, you can feel a blissful extension. Yoga offers you assistance with becoming aware of your body, including the torments or inconveniences in any part of the body. It is conceivable to discharge the torment, by simply bringing your awareness to it. The mystery of awareness is to simply watch everything that is going ahead in the body and mind - as a witness.

‘Yogaha chitta vritti nirodaha’(Patanjali Yoga Sutra, I,2)

Yoga restraints your thought waves from dwelling into diverse zones all at once. The mind swings forward and backward, from the past to the future, suffocating you in a whirlpool of contemplations, stresses, fears… A compelling approach to break this chain of thoughts is to become aware of the thoughts. Breath is a capable apparatus to manage the mind. You don't need to flee to a backwoods or a hollow, to quiet down the brain. Yoga with asana, pranayama, contemplation… can tenderly guide you on this inward adventure. Meditation is an essential aspect of Yoga. In meditation you get a look at your Self, the internal center of your being that is quiet, settled and tranquil. Standard routine of Yoga sets up you in the Self; you have a feeling of belongingness with everybody and everything in Creation. You are then content with yourself and everything around you. Thus, it would be apt to say that the mystery of awareness is to simply watch everything that is going ahead in the body and brain - as a witness.

When you chose a school, make sure that these objectives of Yoga are well understood there and well justified. The fact that Yoga is an ancient system of spiritual development which assists you to Samadhi, which cannot be achieved if there is a flaw in the very practice of Yoga. This state requires change in mind by being focused and aware of the practice. Thus, practicing Yoga in the right way by adhering to its true teachings makes you aware of your own body and mind and furthering you in becoming a better individual.

Shreyashi Tiwari

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