Awareness of the Body and Mind Through Yoga

“The human body is the temple of God.
One who kindles the light of awareness within
gets true light.
The sacred flame of your inner shrine
is constantly bright.
The experience of unity
is the fulfilment of human endeavours.
The mysteries of life are revealed.”
~ Rig Veda

One figures out how to do numerous activities with full consideration, however at times there is no mental relaxation. Furthermore, there are different minutes when your awareness appears to have extended, however the brain is not sharp. It cannot be intelligent, sharp & aware, relaxed and happy at the same time. Yoga helps to attain this balanced state of awareness which provides clarity, sharpness as well as rejoice and happiness.

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Yoga in India

Yoga has retreated in India after the ancient times as nowadays we can see that more Indian citizens are starting to be interested in Yoga. Yoga made a round from India to the West where people really needed release from stress of modern life and back to India as Indians nowadays are as stressed and under pressure in modern life as the Western people. The lifestyles and living patterns that had hit the Western countries few decades before have now arrived to India with full threshold and are taking over the serenity of the calm and composed lives of the Indian workforce.

In the pursuit of relief from the atrocities of the metropolis lifestyle and along with the popularity of Yoga people in the Western countries fled India seeking for gurus and teachers. And as a response to this there was a flood of new fresh gurus and yoga teachers. Unfortunately most of them did not have any serious spiritual practice time behind before trying to preach others and could not achieve the status of a true and authentic Yoga teacher. Among the mushrooming of Yoga trainers and teachers there were rare and scarce number of teachers who actually were knowledgeable and reliable and thus, it becomes important to review before following the instructions of any random teacher.

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Yoga and Mediation

Today Yoga is most known for its asana convention or yogic stances, which are the most prevalent, obvious and outward type of the framework. Buddhism is known as a custom of contemplation, as in the more prominent types of Buddhist reflection like Zen and Vipassana. This is somewhat weird in light of the fact that Yoga customarily characterizes itself as reflection, or quieting the unsettling influences of the brain, not as asana, which is taught simply as a guide to contemplation. In the Yoga Sutras, the established content on Yoga, of which there are two hundred Sutras just three manage asana, while the considerable lion's share manage reflection, its hypothesis and results. In the West we hear individuals talk of "Yoga and contemplation," yoga significance asana or some other external practice like pranayama. On the off chance that one expresses this in India, one listens "Yoga and reflection, would they say they are two?"

Yoga and meditation are interwoven and thus apply equally in the process of mental relaxation and rejuvenation. Meditation which traces its origin from Buddhism aims at the implanting the following lessons for an overall development at various stages of life-

1.    Align your existence with who you are
2.    Connecting to your body empowers association with the perfect
3.    Embrace "I can't"

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Yoga Therapy

There are not two minds, one good and the other evil. It is only the vasanas or tendencies of the mind that are of two kinds, good and favourable, evil and unfavourable. When the mind is associated with the former it is called good; and when associated with the latter it is called evil.

Yoga therapy is the most prominent way to achieve the mental peace in the fast striding modern world. The Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre professes the need for attainment of the ultimate and true self by separating oneself from desires and cravings of the contemporary world. Yoga therapy enriches your soul and body with the essence of spirituality and fitness. The yoga therapy assimilates the teachings of numerous gurus and institutions, Ramana Maharishi is one amongst them.

The path of Ramana Maharshi's instructing is found in a little booklet called 'Who am I?' This little booklet contains the first arrangement of directions given by Ramana Maharshi. They are immediate from his special experience of self-acknowledgment. The first arrangement of inquiries was asked by Sivaprakasam Pillai which was later introduced by Ramana Maharshi in exposition structure.

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Yoga and Nature

Some great thinkers and intellectual minds have suggested that at one stage it would become necessary for human race to retreat to the times from where their journey began. The fact stated by them is relevant and true; the beings that existed earlier had better understanding of self, their body, mind and their functioning.

Yoga brings us closer to nature. For those who practice Yoga regularly, gradually as the time passes they experience a positive change in health, working output, intellect and mind and body coordination. As the awareness of the self increases, the social functioning of the individual also improves. When one feels bliss from within, the interaction with people and surrounding becomes healthier and fruitful. From here we come to the essence of the article i.e. nature (surrounding). Again the commercial world which is purely money oriented fails to understand the need of human understanding of the self and this parts them from their very surrounding and nature. As your yoga practice progresses you will find yourself being relaxed and freeing up. You might even notice that you begin to relinquish certain habits and fears. It is similar to a sentiment of returning back home, being OK with who you are and knowing your surroundings, the mother Nature. Connecting on all our levels, knowing ourselves, our family, our group, our city and our Earth.

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