Four Essential Oils to Improve Your Life

Essential oils have been used medicinally throughout history. More people are enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy, a branch of natural medicine that harnesses the curative effects of essential oils and other aromatic compounds:

* Dab a few drops of peppermint oil on temples, neck and sinuses to banish headaches
* Rubbing a drop of peppermint oil on the stomach can relieve indigestion
* Take internally to ease stomach cramping or diarrhea
* Use as a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant in teething babies or after dental work

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Love Can Happen After Marriage! # Relations #

The title may seem obnoxious to some people but, it’s all how we perceive what’s being written. To begin with, I would like to quote marriage as an everlasting bond of two people (emotionally as well as physically). Unlike other relations marriage does not come alone rather, it comes with a big responsibility and bondages that impart a sense of security and maturity to the people living in this institution. Along with this, there are certain observances which are being followed by every married man and woman, since, we were being taught to follow these observances strictly by our elders.  Code of morality in the society is judged by certain things that are reflected outerly by a couple. Nobody knows the inside story. We have heard so much about both kind of marriages (love marriage and arranged marriage). Have anyone realised that even in the arranged marriage people fall in love later, after being married? Only difference to fall in love after marriage and even on being married is the “person” for whom we fall. It’s so obvious that we cherish the moments spent with a life partner. All the good and joyful times and even the lows of life together. Psychologically also, it’s somewhere imbibed in our minds that the other person whom we have taken as our life partner, we are in love with them from the day one, when both barely knew each other. But, honestly that’s a cheating to oneself. All it needs to fill up the gap in any relation is the time. Giving time to each other, developing understanding for the likes and dislikes of each other, their usual habits, from their favourite colour to their most disliked song, you need to know everything about your mate and that what’s called a perfect compatibility. It cannot be acquired merely by sleeping together from the day you get married and explaining yourself every day that it’s actually love. There are lot many couples we come across, who are not even sure whether they love their spouse or not? Or is the spark of love still alive between them? Some of us live confused while some even don’t pay heed to the inner conscience questions. We just know one thing and that is to go with the flow. This is not called transparency. We are not clear with our own self. What’s there on the tongue should be there in the heart. You need to insist on valuing relationships to attain harmony and peaceful living. Let’s take it further…

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Yogis and the Fasting Facts

Fasting for health benefits is being known to everyone since ages. Basically, the word ”fasting” means an abstinence from eating any food. However, fasting is carried out in various distinct manners. Some of the people relate to it as a means of detoxifying the body, some believing it to be an easier means of remaining fit and slim, while some believe in the strong connotation between fasting and spirituality. Also it is believed to strengthen our prayers.

The repute of fasting as the main therapeutic tool in the treatment of multitudinal diseases including heart dieseases, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity, pancreatitis, arthritis, ulcers, epilepsy, etc, is gaining high importance rapidly, making it more popular. The reason is that a fast allows natural healing to occur as our body has an innate ability to normalise itself if given a “FASTING chance”. But there is a proper way to fast of course! When we speak of the fasting, we generally think of yogis, saints and their fasting lifestyle.

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Positive Parenting - Strong Foundation!

A foundation as we say relates to the base or the roots of any subject. Here, the subject is a child and issue persists with the ways of nurturing and raising him. Who as a parent does not want to have a peaceful and harmonious life with the kids. Yet, we come across so many disturbed families where the story of parenthood is nothing but full of tears and regrets. It seems really unbelievable that how as a parent one fails to understand a child. But the exact cause of this problem does not lie in raising. Rather, it lies in the development process of a child.

Every human is at his developing stage during childhood. Development and maturity of physical, mental, social and emotional state. The growth milestones are chasing the ways to be attained. At this tiny age, bonding with the child must begin. Bonding and emotional attachment are the two words to be carefully perceived here. We all have a bonding with our parents and that’s the reason we stand up to the place where we are today. Bonding can be merely looking after the needs of children, asking them about their pocket money, feeding and dressing them well. In fact, there lies a bond between every relation. Bond of friendship, bond of brotherhood etc. Parenting needs extra care and compassion for raising a child. Being emotionally attached means to understand the child even without words. To bring a sense of security from within a child, by our loving gestures, expressions, cuddles and kisses that no matter what, parents are always there to shield them. This is one of the reason itself that mostly children are more attached and share their feelings with their mother because their caresses never fades with age in her case. Emotionally secure children are mostly full of self-confidence and are found to be more affectionate to their parents. It’s not the quality that matters to children. It’s the depth that touches their tender hearts. Parents who do not have good enough time for their kids are generally swept away with stress, impatience and irritability. This is due to the lack of mental stability and absence of proper yoga and meditation practice in today’s busy life. To keep the temperament positive, every parent should be self-observant and enlightened enough by wisdom. When one decides to enter parenthood, he or she must be sure that they have enough rightful time for their kids. A heart of a child knows no rule, no language. It simply follows the gratitude and art of love which dwells inside him easily if being reciprocated the same by parents. If parents would shout in front of their kids, kids will learn the same. Kids have unprocessed and pure minds so they grasp very quickly.

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Poisoned Thoughts

It’s amazing to realise that how our mouth starts watering merely by thinking or speaking about some scrumptious foods. Have we ever taken this really seriously? Seriousness that thoughts are controlling our mind, and in fact, controlling our entire lives every second. When without taking anything inside our mouth, the lingual glands starts secreting, then just by directing our thoughts in a negative direction, how many endocrine glands may produce toxic effect in our mind and body?

The healthy roots of thought process would only bear the fruits of healthy and successful living. By keeping our thoughts malignant, one cannot hope for peace and inner contentment. This is spiritually connected. It can be well understood when the word “telepathy” comes into play. Often when we are missing or thinking about someone so deeply they actually show up or turn up by making a surprise phone call to us. It is because we hold very strong positive feelings for them, we think good about them, and this in turns, works as a magic. The world is connected by the soul of all the beings and things in the Universe. We all are a mass of energy in a mobile state. We all keep on transferring such energy to the people with whom we interact, meet daily, love or hate. Many times we feel a sense of receiving negative vibes from other person which makes us uncomfortable being in their company. We hardly wish to meet them again or sit close to them. Actually there is nothing wrong with the other person but the exact problem lies somewhere in his negative thought process which creates a negative aura around him. Recalling all the wrongs that have ever happened to us and looking at every issue with a contradictory point of view develops into a kind of catastrophe around us, that only tends to attract more and more of the negative charges from the surroundings and people and hence, proves harmful. The nexus of negativity around us is the poisoned thoughts inside us.

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