Yoga Teachers Training At Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

The modules which are an integral part of the Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC) at Himalayan Yoga Centre have an objective which have to be delivered and promulgated to the students seeking this training.

1.    Training and Practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation Techniques
At the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre the asanas and paranayama are not just taught but practiced, which means the practices are conducted in routine in order to provide sufficient time for the student to understand his or her body and its capabilities. The asanas and pranayama which are often assumed to be physical postures are much more than simple bends and the students are provided sufficient time to understand the impact of these practices on their social, mental and physical health. The centre also makes it mandatory for the students undergoing this traing program for 9 weeks (3 weeks of the preparatory 5-Day Yoga Courses + 3 weeks of the Intensive Yoga Course + 3 weeks of the pedagocial part of the TTC) to provide them with adequate and appropriate time for self-exploration and realisation. This initial training is followed by months of assisting Yoga classes on all levels at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre with the continuation of the intensive self-practice twice a day.

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Betrayal and the Holistic Approach to Heal

Betrayal is like a crack in the wall, so deep that even if one tries hard to cement it later on, the inner crack leaves an irreparable hollowness within, which may be not seen but, is felt by the sufferer, who actually goes through it. It’s very obvious to get hurt, being deceived and ditched by someone whom once we had trusted a lot. But why should a right person suffer due to the wrong one? As a matter of human nature, we always underestimate our own worth. Being betrayed, we develop a low self-esteem and start feeling pity for ourselves. It requires a wisdom’s eye to see whom we get close to and share our life and secrets. Over emotional attitude while dealing with the people, leads to our own emotional harm. Trusting someone is not wrong but it too comes with certain parameters to think about vastly. As the saying suggests ”excess of everything is bad”. Over thinking, over love, over emotional, all these things are constraints of our superficial existence of being (body and mind). However, the inner asomatous heart keeps guiding us. It’s quite likely to lose ourselves and get carried away with the promptly rising peer effect and wide public relations. We tend to get lost in our own good for nothing, world of stress, complimented with gadgets, daily arguments and thoughts about wasteful issues. Have we ever thought practically, are these tensions going to affect us any later in life? At present, the situation may seem worse, we become unable to find any sort of way-out to release ourselves from the pain caused by the wounds of betrayal. However, if we think deeply, every person who once was very sad and broken down in life, whom we personally know, gets over the grief with a certain period of time. As we all know time is a great healer. Human mind is designed as such that it cannot give up acclimatising (learning to adjust with the change). This change may be an emotional bar to cross over, or a physical adaptation for staying at peace. That’s one of the reason why some people are being suggested to switch their living place for acquiring mental placidity. Turning stubborn to torn and failed relations, is a lack of a strong will actually.

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Combating Sucidal Tendency with Meditation

It’s very surprising to believe that a simple sitting practise for meditation can rescue a person with an intention of killing the self. But, there is no such rocket science behind it. It’s a trial of not giving up on ourself actually. We humans generally find it easy to end up the things that bothers us. Coming across failures sometimes leads to a very negative thought of escaping the hard situation by committing sucide. When people give up on us, thinking that we don’t have any good left in us and we seem hopeless to them, we too start believing the same. Same that we won't be able to fit in those shoes again, for moving forward. Life comes with multiple staircases. Some are the stairs of self-confidence and success with bags loads of appreciation from everybody around us. While some staircases we climb to reach to the top just fall down. We feel abandoned and loose our own identity and self-esteem on not being treated fair by others. It’s very vital for us to know who we really are. What’s the purpose of our living and going on. Every person has got a purpose in life. Those who are dishearted, feels like there is no reason left to live. However, there are still many purposes to move on. If not on the personal grounds, take it in a general aspect and see, we all have a purpose of being born on this mother planet and that’s to give love, to serve, to treat the people right. If someday you doubt and think of yourself as a useless being and try to end your life, think about those who strongly need few drops of blood for surviving and fighting dreadly diseases, think of those people who sleep being starved every night but still get up every morning to earn for the living or the ones who are only seeking a company just like you. Noone is ever alone in this world, if we look around and peep into the life of others, we will find many of our life’s own reflections in it. If we are broken, others too are finding a cure for their miseries. It’s just that when we are absorbed in our sadness, we are unable to read the faces of others going through the same pain as well, because our vision is totally blank during the worse times. Sucide is a sign of cowardness. There can be many reasons for a person to think about taking such extreme step; failure in career, failed relationships, betrayls and so on... But due to being left out by some people or facing a major loss on the professional grounds, life doesn't cease and always offers opportunities to rise again. Many doors do remain opened. We just need to be patient for that very moment and watch the situation with a calm and broader perspective. See a problem with a little distance, imagine it’s a problem of your friend that you ought to sort out for them. Surely, you will find better options to deal with the problem. The fact is that when the problem is of our own, we become so impatient and nervous that we loose our calm, loose that sight of wisdom to tackle the problem. Balance of mind is very necessary for dealing with any problem. This needs practising meditation which helps to attain that mental level with which a person can take decisions without haste and fear. The badly exacerbating hormones which are released during stress are notably dropped down when one sits in silence and practises to relax, the state of mental peace will be attained for sure.

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Befriending Healthy Bones with Diet and Yoga

Diet  therapy is  beneficial  in  various forms of bones and joint problems like arthritis, gout, rheumatism etc. It is important to know which food item should be consumed or totally avoided as sometimes the underlying cause of such problems  is merely because of food allergies or reaction. In  such bone associated problems, softdrinks, additives, egg yolk, fried foods, red meats, vinegar, hot spices, alcohol, roasted dry nuts should be avoided. Low sugar, low salt, low fat diet should be generally taken.

Main target area related to joint problem is the knee. According  to the Ayurvedic concept of sandhi vyaadhi (joint disease), the joint problems are caused by inappropiate lifestyle and diet, some underlying systemic imbalance (poor metabolism, indigetsion), over exertion of the joints, hereditary factor etc. Either due to the the imbalance of vata dosha (governing vyaan vaayu), the knee joints become too weak having low bone density and emits a cracking sound with mild to severe pain, or, the knees become swollen up and painful due to the over accumulation of sticky waste products of the body in the knee joint which is known as “aama ” in Ayurveda. When, Vata dosha is vitiated in the body, it causes the joint pain and fragility of the bones, hence, it’s important to eat vata-pacifying diet. (Like use of ghee in dals, rye, sesame seeds, good source of calcium like organic milk, coriander seeds, cottage cheese etc). For reducing the aama dosha which causes arthritis, one should eat light and dry food items like fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, herbal spices to increase digestive fire, use of ginger, cumin, fennel, black pepper, etc., in preparing the food.

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Love but Learn Endurance

Have you ever been heart-broken?Disgusted with the life at personal grounds? I am sure most of us must have gone through the circumstantial distress where nothing seems perfect in life. Whatever thing wedesire for, it happens to stand out of the question and turns impossible. Many of us become a title of gossips and speculations as we seem so apprehensive and depressed most of the time. But, the primemost question is “why are we heartbroken?”

Love is not a reason to frown, although, flowers of love do bear thorns as well. Also, all love stories do not have perfect ending.But, that’s not the end of life.We tend to make our life miserable unwantedly.It’s a human nature, to over-think about the things which didn’t turn out well in life.The separation, the bereavement, betrayals and so on.We keep clinging to such unpleasant emotions for too long that they become a part of our behavioural instinct.However, we turn a blind eye towards the things which are still there in store for us. The people left behind still care for us. It’s quite obvioubeing pulled towards the source from where we get more attention, affection and love.Relations grow deeper with time and so deeply we get attached to them.A dependency forms a place. In its absence, it seems like we have had a worst nightmare parting from our dear ones.Though, we all are aware of the factthat”nothing lasts forever”.Every living and non-living thing has an expiry date and that is the hard fact of life which we need to accept bravely rather falling into depression or loneliness .

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