Organs of Action in Iyengar Yoga

The hands and feet are the organs of action in the body. In Sanskrit this is called - Karma Indriya. The action in the feet has a direct effect on the alignment of the spine and body and it also influences how we breath. Refining the action in the feet brings clarity towards an experience in the stretch of the whole abdomen in all the standing postures. If the right action occurs, and the pose is done correctly all imbalances start to dissipate.  In order for this technique to work effectively it is vital that the stretching of the toes is done in conjunction with the pressing down of the centre of the heel. The entire sole of the foot is felt through stretching the toes up and this action makes the centre of the heel more accessible.

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Skin Discoloration

A smooth, uniform skin tone is desirable to all. However, many people will sometimes undergo unusual changes in their skin, which can be displeasing to the eyes and may also bring down the person’s emotional confidence and positivity. Skin discoloration and hyper pigmentation are the most commonly experienced problems today due to the depleted ozone layer and harmful UV radiations of the sun and also some other factors, which are mentioned ahead.

There are several patterns in which skin discoloration occurs:

  1. On the face:  This type of discoloration occurs commonly around the lips, chin and forehead.
  2. Excessively dark circles around the eyes.
  3. Outbreak of spots and freckles all over the body.
  4. Butterfly pattern patch on the nose and cheeks. (Mostly occurs during pregnancy due to low haemoglobin levels and hormonal imbalance.
  5. Bluish or purple spots also known as “purpura” – These bluish purple dark spots occurs due to the lack of oxygen in the blood. The underlying cause can be some chronic disease like pneumonia, cardiovascular diseases or asthma.
  6. Colouring pigments of the skin gets affected during menopausal phase because of the huge hormonal shift.
  7. Forehead and arms tanning- This is a kind of discoloration which is something externally caused due to the over exposure of sun or excessive sitting in close contact with CFL light bulbs using mercury, as they emit UV rays and may cause photo-dermatitis.

Factors responsible for skin discoloration and hyper- pigmentation:

  1. Endocrine Glands  - Due to impaired functions of endocrine glands, the hormones in the body get imbalanced, due to which the production of colouring pigment called Melanin is compromised. Imbalance caused to this pigment sometimes leads to the deposition of dead cells on the skin surface, which ultimately causes darkening of complexion.
    Melanin is a pigment, which imparts colour to the skin and is a form of black brown protein.
    The higher the level of melanin, the darker will be the complexion of a person.
  2. Sun exposure - Over exposure of sun leads to skin burn, rashes or skin tan, which either causes redness of the skin or dark brown skin tone of certain exposed body parts. Skin tan however, repairs quickly compared to skin burn.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies - A pale complexion of a person may be indicative of lack of skin pigments, resulting from various vitamin deficiencies .The main vitamin deficiencies that are connoted  with the skin discoloration and hyper pigmentation are:
    -    Iron deficiency, calcium deficiency.
    -    Vitamin A deficiency: which causes thickening and drying of the skin making it dark.
    -    Vitamin E and vitamin C : Both vitamins helps in maintaining the healthy epithelial layer of the skin and also Ascorbic acid helps in the collagen production, thereby, preventing patchy and spotty discoloration of the skin.

    For a speedy recovery from skin discoloration, some simple tips could be followed:
    1-    Application of sunscreen lotions on the exposed areas of body even when staying indoors, as many places have CFL lights fitted.
    2-    To prevent hyper pigmentation of skin, intake of Vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits or dispersible tablets can be consumed.
    3-    Applying of mashed potato paste (raw) on the darkened portions of the skin helps in restoring the normal and rather much bright complexion as the potato contains natural bleaching agent. Hence, it’s a wonderful ingredient to be used under eyes for lightening the dark circles.
    4-    Oats, lemon and honey pack is another natural thing to improve the lost lustre of the skin and helps in exfoliation of the dead skin cells as well.
    5-    Drinking up rose water decoction, by soaking fresh rose petals in a water jug overnight in refrigerator and consuming the same next day helps in keeping the dryness of skin at bay and also brings the natural glow on the skin.
    6-    Iron and vitamin rich vegetables and fruits should be consumed like spinach, lotus stem, apple, pomegranate, beetroot, papaya, guava, strawberries, celery stalks and leaves, mango are quite a few food items which are very skin friendly and help to promote a good skin complexion.
    7-    Kumkumadi tailyam is an Ayurvedic oil which is very beneficial in promoting the radiance and good complexion to the skin.  Massaging it twice a week on the face or over the affected body part could be of great help to subside the discoloration or hyper pigmentation.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre
Dr.Shruti Bhardwaj

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“Speak Out & Get Self-Healed“

Speaking out is a way of expressing our thoughts by which one conveys a message to another person, to put a decision forward, to reflect our consent or any disapproval. Proper communication shows one’s concern regarding any matter which also favours establishing harmonious and emotionally stable relationships; be it at home or at official grounds. Silence can be mistakenly taken as a cold or insensitive gesture and sometimes it portrays you as a dumb person who is scared of being judged of his inefficacy. It doesn’t mean that one should never remain silent but being rightly outspoken, it can be dealt with patience and politeness. Right tone of voice never goes in vain. By speaking out, many confusions can be wiped off and one can easily open up for a confrontation. Making it as a habit of keeping things to the heart, creates a kind of heftiness on the mind and it has been discovered that such people, who don’t express themselves, are more susceptible to heart attacks and diabetes. Least expressing person eventually ends up in heavy alcohol drinking and smoking so as to feel relieved, but this in turn, makes their condition worse as it aggravates both vata and pitta dosha in their body, and their imbalance in turn results in depression, anxiety, aggression and malaise.

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Yoga is Something More, it is a Spiritual Development

Yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in India and traces back its origin to pre-Vedic period of the 5th & 6th centuries BCE. Yoga at its broadest comes from the root word Yuj which means to unite. In Bhgavada Gita which dates back to 6th-3rd century BCE, Lord Krishna speaks of four types of yoga - Bhakti or devotion; Jnana or knowledge; Karma or action; and Dhyana or concentration (often referred to as Raja yoga, though not all sources agree on the term) - as paths to achieve Moksha, the ultimate goal.

Yoga therapy is the most qualified way of rejuvenation and revitalization. The most practiced and learned forms of Yoga is the Iyengar Yoga, which became popular in the west through the teachings of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar. Iyengar Yoga is the most popular and approachable form for the beginners. The constant practice enhances the adaptability and stamina on the physical – but most importantly on the mental level – it amends and refines the posture and enriches concentration. It unclogs the mind to peace and serenity ant thus promotes well-being.

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Yoga Supports Positive Change

Restricted yoga supports change by helping you to move examples you've created after some time of regular practice. When you put your body and mind into a represent that you admire and you stay with it, you figure out how to take another “shape”. Bringing the new manifestation of the body can lead you to figure out how to bring another manifestation to the psyche. On the off chance that honed effectively, yoga asana separates the mental, passionate, physical, vivacious, and psychic impediments that restrain us from flourishing and positive transformation.

Yoga likewise shows you how to settle on better choices. Everything about rehearsing yoga includes aim—you set separated time in your day to do it, you move in a particular way. What's more, when you are careful and planned in your yoga hone, you make the chance to end up more careful and conscious throughout your life. The general population who stay with yoga understand that they settle on choices that are more useful than ruinous.

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