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11 September 2017
by Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
Now, you have to see this happening and check it before it blows up, by appreciation of the present moment. By appreciation you can dissolve the dirt...
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04 September 2017
by Others
A smooth, uniform skin tone is desirable to all. However, many people will sometimes undergo unusual changes in their skin, which can be displeasing t...
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28 August 2017
by Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
So that your body has energy for healing you need to be disciplined, or shall we call it restraint. Being aware of eating is an amazing experience. Y...
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21 August 2017
by Yoga Master Teacher Sharat Arora
The point is the following; you want to learn yoga and we’ve got the place for you but it’s not enough just to have a place. Your willingness to expe...
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24 July 2017
by our Students & Teachers (English)
‘This too shall pass’        -Persian proverb Change happens. Just as the seasons turn, the moon waxes and wanes, the ti...
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Sharat Arora
03 August 2016
16.10.14 When we do a practice like we do in our Iyengar Yoga centres, we gain understanding, so we increase our awareness about ourselves and about the world. We go inside and the mind slowly stops i...